On MUTVStream: “Dear John” perfect movie for a quiet night in

By Hannah Cuthbertson, The Prowl

Based of one of Nicholas Sparks’ most popular novels, “Dear John” tells the story of good-hearted Savannah and the love of her life, John, despite the many real and metaphorical battles they must fight in order to be together.

Between the tender atmosphere of the movie and the many tender moments, nothing is left out as their relationship progresses.  The movie, as a whole, gives new meaning to the phrase, “When you know, you know.”

It takes two weeks for John (Channing Tatum) who is enlisted in the army, and Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), the charitable college student, to build a love that feels as if it can conquer all.  For much of the movie, it does.  They communicate by handwritten letters, accompanied by voice-over narrations and dimly lit, lonesome scenes of the two wishing they could be together.

Their relationship is based upon the notion that they will, in fact, be together.  But when the terrorist attacks on 9/11 take place, John feels it’s his duty to stay in the army.  An enraged Savannah feels helpless, knowing that the life that lies ahead of her isn’t the one she chose all those years ago on that fateful beach in South Carolina.

The movie earns its title when John receives his own “Dear John” letter informing him that Savannah is marrying someone else.

As the movie progresses, the two do reunite.  Without giving too much away for those that haven’t yet seen it, the movie and the book share much of the same plotline, with the ending as the major exception.  This movie is a great sidekick for a quiet night in your dorm.  It’s full of passionate reunions, desire, and all the heart breaking goodbyes that any good tear-worthy chick flick requires.

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