On MUTVStream: “The Lorax” is great for all ages

By Briana Saunders, The Prowl

Those who have read the classic books of Dr. Seuss should be familiar with the tale of “The Lorax.” “The Lorax” is a story that shows how the greed and corruption of humanity can easily turn the beauty of nature into a dying wasteland. However, in this movie rendition of the timeless classic, the Lorax (Danny DeVito) states that “there’s more to the story than what’s on the page. So please pay attention while I set the stage.”

In the movie “The Lorax” we see the classic tale and rhymes of how the Once-ler’s greed to make as many Thneeds as he needed destroyed a whole entire forest. This left many of its inhabitants, such as the Bar-ba-loots and Humming-Fish, without a home. In the movie we get to see a different perspective on the Once-ler’s character. Instead of this mysterious figure without a face, we see that the Once-ler (Ed Helms) was a young boy with an ambitious dream. We also get to explore Thneedville as a city where the greedy tycoon Mr. O’Hare has taken over the city by selling air. Without the help of Ted (Zac Efron), Audrey (Taylor Swift), and Ted’s Grammy Norma (Betty White) or the Truffula Trees, Thneedville could be in dire trouble.

Now, of course “The Lorax” is geared for younger audiences, but can a college student enjoy it too?

Of course you can! Yes, the never-ending musical numbers through “The Lorax” at times really distracted from the true heart of the piece. But the humor is very endearing, the picture is very bright and whimsical and those same musical numbers really are very catchy!

Overall, “The Lorax” is a very enjoyable and memorable movie that I’d recommend to all ages, but especially to those who are college students. That way we can all have that small spark to remind us of our childhood, and also to learn a very valuable lesson that we can apply to our lives.

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