Open Mic Night Showcases A Lot of Talent

Thursday, Oct. 20 –

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. hosted an Open Mic Night Thursday, Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. in Bengal’s Lair. The performances ranged from original spoken word pieces, original songs, duets, and impromptu song covers.

“It was a nice time overall, I really enjoyed the performances,” MU junior Bailey A. said.

One of the performances that seemed to captivate the crowd came from freshman Niche Hoskins. She and the MC of the event, Kappa Alpha Psi member Justin McCain, started the night off with two spoken word pieces. Hoskins planned to perform a piece, but McCain called her earlier to let her know of the event and asked her to come.

“I had a feeling he might do something like that so I brought my poetry notebook just in case,” Hoskins said with a slight smirk.

That premonition soon turned into reality shortly after the event started.

“Justin called me over and told me we were having this back and forth thing,” she said.

Hoskins set a stern mood with her ironically titled piece “A Happy Poem”.

“I think this piece was more about the façade we put on,” Hoskins said.

Not to be overshadowed, McCain’s poem, Monster, was also an attention-catcher. Focusing on domestic abuse, this perspective piece was performed using two different microphones. It was punched home by statistics highlighting the low percentage of offenders reported to authorities. His piece also provided an example of a situation.

“I think the part I liked the most was the statistic because it’s nice to tell but it’s better to give a visual,” Bailey said. “He let people know that they were apart of the problem too (by not reporting).”

Music filled the air throughout the night as well as the duo of sophomore Kenya Woods and junior Charlie Parker showcased their vocal talents. Although not officially a group, the two close friends frequently perform together. The two were quick to deflect any praise back and forth between each other.

“I think it’s clear that he’s the important guy. I’m just the songwriter,” Parker said. “He can sing. He just proved today that he can play the guitar, he’s the full thing.”

For Woods, it was his third time playing guitar in a performance and his first time in front of his target audience. But, he made it clear that, in his opinion, he wouldn’t get far without Parker’s guitar and songwriting skills.
“This man is an amazing songwriter and then we go to his songwriting, every song I’ve read is amazing,” Woods said. “We all have that playlist of 10 songs that we know we’re going to rock out to and he writes those type of songs.”

Junior Kherya Halane also got up to do some impromptu singing. Among these was her cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” accompanied by Hoskins on guitar. Hoskins said she enjoyed it even more than reciting her pieces. Woods, Parker, and Halane combined for more songs to end the event.

“I think with every poetry night you just have to go by the mood,” Bailey said.

And judging from crowd reaction, this mood fit the night well.

-Terrance Brown
The Prowl
Staff Writer

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