Outfit Tips and Tricks for Attending Basketball Games

By: Madeline Best, E23 Reporter

Sundresses and sandals, chinos and bowties; these clothing items serve as the unofficial uniform of football game days in the fall. When tailgating it’s considered just as much of a main event as the game itself and when the days are sunny and seventy-five, it’s easy to toss on a black and gold summer outfit and head towards the stadium. Fast forward a few months and the temperature has dropped, seasons changed, and now you’re stuck wondering what to wear to the Mizzou basketball game you’re planning on attending.

Luckily, the biggest difference between football and basketball is that since basketball doesn’t involve festivities like tailgating on such a large scale as football, it leads to a more casual atmosphere with more laid back and comfy outfit choices. No matter your style, age or gender one thing you can never go wrong with at a basketball game is a Mizzou t-shirt. You can opt to go the simple route and pair it with jeans or amp it up by adding a scarf, cardigan, leather leggings if you’re feeling especially trendy, or even a pair of chino pants to put a little more prep into your look. A t-shirt, especially if you are sitting in the student section at the game, is the perfect way to show your school spirit. It also allows yourself to have a perfect canvas to pair with other clothing pieces depending on your personal style to make yourself stand out in the literal sea of black, gold, and white shirts.

If t-shirts aren’t your go-to clothing piece for game days, another great choice for both guys and girls to wear is a sweater, not to mention it will keep you warm on that cold walk over to the Hearnes Center. For girls, if you’re more of a fashionista, sweaters work as a perfect base to add statement jewelry and boots to. If you consider your style a bit more laid-back, sweaters also look great with a comfortable pair of leggings and Converse shoes. As for guys, sweaters never fail to look suave, while keeping you much warmer than a simple t-shirt would. Just as girls can dress up a sweater, guys can as too by adding a button up shirt, a bow tie, and even a pair of Sperrys or duck boots to give you a classic preppy look. If preppy isn’t what you’re going for, sweaters with a pair of jeans or corduroys never fail to leave you looking nicely dressed. Just remember, the most important rule of dressing for basketball games is to stick to black and gold. So leave those bright pink and multi-colored striped sweaters at home.

No matter if your style is bohemian, classic, trendy, frat, or retro there is surely a few spirited black and gold outfits perfect for watching Mizzou basketball waiting for you in your closet. Just remember, comfort is key and to dress warmly or you’ll be wishing you had on the cold walk to the game.