By Archer Cole, MUTV-23 News Reporter


COLUMBIA – Early Registration is just around the corner, and it looks like the University of Missouri is planning on a return to normalcy after two years of adapting to and regulating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Students registering for their new classes will certainly discover the campus’s plans to return to pre-pandemic procedures as they will find that significantly more classrooms are offering face to face environments and a return to full capacity. 

Mizzou representatives, such as University President and Chancellor Mun Choi, have stood behind this transition mainly because of the regional area’s progress in combating the pandemic with the progressing vaccination movement.

“It’s based on the success of the vaccination program that we expect and the public health policies at MU that served us well,” states Choi. 

Some students back Choi’s support for the decision, as Cailyn Hickman, freshman, sees the change as a door to other possibilities for learning.

“Yes, I would love full capacity classrooms and face to face learning!” Cailyn exclaimed. “I would say that a move towards full capacity and face to face would be very helpful and amazing, but only if done safely, and with virtual options still available.”

Even some MU professors, such as English professor Noah Siela, are optimistic about the change of plans for campus. 

“I’m excited,” confirms Siela, “I miss my interactions with students, but I’d gladly sacrifice another in-person semester if it meant keeping everyone safe and healthy. I hope we can do it safely in the fall. Students deserve a full college experience.”

Journalism professor Shuhua Zhou’s comments also back up the university’s action.

“I am in favor of Mizzou returning to full capacity,” Zhou confirms, “In person, you can see motivation, you can get motivation from other people, your teachers, your peers, so if the health conditions permit, I am in favor of returning in full capacity.” 

Spanish professor Milena Rondon approves of the decision, while also suggesting progressing the vaccination process throughout the summer.

“I have trusted MU on its plan to go hybrid this past year,” says Rondon, “I believe this has been a success. However, I will feel safe if most of the student body and faculty/staff receive the Covid vaccine and MU requires everyone to keep wearing a mask.”

Not all professors are as hopeful, but still wish for the best outcome like Journalism professor Lingshu Hu.

“I don’t have a strong feeling about the returning to full capacity plan,” Hu replied, “Hopefully, the current vaccines can work on the present variants and potential variants in the future; otherwise,  the returning policy might be too optimistic.”

The University of Missouri hopes to be as successful after the pandemic, despite some skepticism, as they have been during it.


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