Party Like a Rockstar

On February 16, Mizzou After Dark hosted “Party Like a Rockstar” in Memorial Union from 7-11pm. The organization provides an alcohol-free environment for MU students on Friday nights. The staff provides crafts, free food, games, and other sources of entertainment in an effort to promote Mizzou After Dark’s main message that drinking and partying aren’t the only options for weekend fun. Some students come to Mizzou After Darks to de-stress from the week and get together with friends in a safe, positive environment.

The theme of this week’s event was “Party Like a Rockstar,” allowing attendees to participate in karaoke, Guitar Hero, t-shirt tye-dye, or even hand paint their own wooden guitars. Mizzou After Dark works to draw a variety of students to Friday’s events with a wide range of activites and various themes to attract every audience. The employees brainstorm ideas for various event themes at the beginning of each academic year, resourcing inspiration from social networking sites such as Pinterest.

Josephine Peterson