Passion Pit Keeps the Show Going Despite Weather Conditions

Passion Pit Keeps the Show Going Despite Weather ConditionsPassion Pit Keeps the Show Going Despite Weather Conditions

Tuesday, Feb. 26-

While a snowstorm was making its way toward Columbia, Passion Pit was crankin’ up the heat in Jesse Hall on Monday night.

The Massachusetts natives brought their 2013 tour to Mizzou with Icona Pop and Matt & Kim as their opening acts. The fun indie pop sounds filled the auditorium with excitement amongst a crowd of students who were already elated with the news of a snow day.

Icona Pop kicked off the concert with its two-women act. The music was loud and empowering; think Florence + The Machine meets The Dollyrots. Each girl was dressed in dark colors, cool hair and bold lips. They rocked out with cool dance moves and really got the audience members out of their seats with the dance anthem, “I Love It.”

Next up, was guy-girl band Matt & Kim. With Kim on drums and Matt on keyboard, the two cracked jokes and turned up the energy of an already ecstatic crowd. Kim jumped up on her drum set and showed off her sultry dance moves during Matt’s keyboard and singing solos. In fact, she even crowd surfed and danced while the pit viewers held her up.

Besides performing their own songs, like “Block After Block” and “Old-Fashioned Nightmare,” the pair performed instrumentals of rap songs as well. Their closing song? None other than everyone’s feel good favorite, “Daylight.”

Finally, Passion Pit came on and brought their eclectic poppy sounds to the stage. Lead singer, Michael Angelakos, skipped around and got up-close and personal with the audience during the performance.

Each song brought more screams and fist pumping, but it was the recent hit “Take A Walk” and bubble machines that drove the audience wild. To add the majestic electronic sounds of the band, their stage set included color-changing lanterns that hung from the stage ceiling and moved around throughout the performance.

After the concert, there was an after party at the Blue Note full of music, dancing and warmth despite the frightful weather conditions.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl