Plus and Minus Grading

Xavier Billingsley’s represenative, Zach Toombs spoke with 23News about the plus/minus grading system and what has been accomplished during Xavier’s term. Toombs spoke about the different options that were going to become available for MSA to present to the Board of Curators on how to alter or remove the current grading system. Options that were going to become available could potentially be getting rid of the plus and minus way of grading as well as having the plus grades have more effect on the grade itself. Toombs also spoke about the time in which this could be accomplished, which could be anywhere from a month to a few months. Toombs also stated that when making a significant change in a grading system, it can’t happen over night and takes some time. As Xavier promised to try and change this grading system, in his final time as MSA president he is doing all he can to accomplish this goal.

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Kolbie Satterfield