Poetry in the Park

Poetry in the Park


Sarah Sabatke – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

The MSA/GPC Black Programming Committee’s annual Poetry in the Park event was held on Sept. 18 at Carnahan Quad, where students were able to take part in an evening of spoken word and slam poetry, with the chance to both listen and perform.

The event included an open mic session for students to highlight their poetry and speaking skills. The students had the opportunity to share original poetry or to perform classics, and many students chose to recite pieces based on personal experiences. Some rapped and some read traditional poems, but they all used the power of language to convey a personal message

The performers came from a diverse group of students and, though many were nervous, the accepting audience provided encouragement and “snaps” for performers.

Freshman Adam Duxter, who both listened and performed, said the event was important for students.

“A lot of times people might not necessarily think that they can talk about something, but I think poetry is a really great way for expression, even about the most sensitive of topics.”

Students spoke on topics ranging from relationship violence and female stereotypes to the events in Ferguson. Emotions ran deep as they pulled from their personal experiences and shared their diverse perspectives, providing for an eye-opening experience.

The MSA/GPC Black Programming Committee hosts a student event on the third Thursday of every semester.


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