Premier League Week Five

Evan Hatmaker, 23 Sports

Chelsea vs. Arsenal: A few seasons ago, this match would send fans of The Premier League into a nervous excitement in the suspense of two of the greatest clubs in England battling it out. This year, however, the fixture brings a different feeling. Chelsea look incredibly strong, coming out of a successful weekend in The Champions League and their performance in the BPL has been truly awe – inspiring to watch. Arsenal stand are quite the contrast, disappointing their fans with failure to perform, struggling against sides they have been expected to beat in previous years and with ever increasing transfer rumors coming from their top players the future looks grim for this once great club. In this match Chelsea should be able to prove that they are the better side and easily earn themselves three more points in pursuit of the title. 

Manchester United vs. Everton: This match will mark the return of Wayne Rooney to Old Trafford as he faces his old teammates and the fans that had grew to respect him. The game itself has to be seen as almost no contest, as Manchester United look the clear favorites against Everton, given Everton lost 3-0 against a struggling Tottenham. Belgium Strike Romelu Lukaku will also face his old team but he should still be able to score a few goals. Even with the ex- Manchester United legend on their side, Everton should be easily beat. 

Bournemouth vs. Brighton & Hove Albion: While it may not be the most exciting of matches, does offer a glimpse of two very evenly matched teams trying to earn points to avoid the possible relegation that may occur come the end of the season. Bournemouth have started the season with four- straight losses, but they should be able to gain some sort of momentum against Brighton and win in a very close game.  

Crystal Palace vs. Southampton: This is a critical match for both of the clubs involved as both teams may have to face the ideas of relegation sooner than later. Crystal Palace have not only lost all four games so far, they have also not scored a single goal in the young season. This marks one of the worst performances from a team in the BPL and almost any team could easily take advantage of a failing Crystal Palace and get the win over them…. almost any team. Southampton are one of the few teams in the league that wouldn’t become the automatic favorites over Crystal Palace, failing to score in three of their last four games. This match should be an interesting fixture that should find itself ending in a tie with both teams stagnant in the midfield and both offenses equally ineffective at generating chances.  

West Ham United vs. West Bromwich Albion: This should, on paper, be a fairly straight forward game. West Ham may have started the season off slow but their recent win over Huddersfield should ignite a largely inactive team, allowing them to make up some more ground on the leaderboard.   

Huddersfield Town vs. Leicester City: This will be a close contest between two evenly matched teams. While both teams have had solid performances throughout the early stages of the league, Huddersfield may be able to gain a slight margin over Leicester and maintain the scoreline for the victory. James Vardy, Leicester’s star striker, has been in shaky form and he isn’t consistent enough to lead his team through this fixture. Meanwhile Huddersfield have had steady performances to start the season off. Their steady form and Leicester’s uncertain performance should let the underdogs leave with the win. 

Liverpool vs. Burnley: This should be a match with few twists and turns; Liverpool have started the season off very well while Burnley are not looking the better side. Even though Liverpool is coming out of a 5-0 loss against Manchester City and they will be lacking their star winger Sadio Mane, they should be able to win the match comfortably.  

Newcastle United vs. Stoke City: This match presents an opportunity to watch a solid game between two evenly matched teams. The margins will be slim and both teams have the components to hold the other team scoreless while being able to have evenly matched offenses. That being said, Stoke should be able to get a crucial three points out of this match as they have been in spectacular form following their 2-2 draw against Manchester United. 

Watford vs. Manchester City: This match presents the opportunity for Manchester City to take another 3 points from this fixture in their efforts to take the number one spot away from Manchester United, who are currently tied with them with 10 points. Watford won’t be looking to back down easily though, as they have started the season in a spectacular fashion and remaining undefeated. If Watford could upset Manchester City this would act as a staging grounds for one of the biggest upsets in Premier League history, with Watford having a chance to close down the lead. It doesn’t look likely that Watford will win, but they have played exceptionally well with the underdog stature and an upset is entirely possible.  

Tottenham Hotspurs vs. Swansea City in what should be another straightforward game. Tottenham should prove themselves the better team as Swansea have struggled with the start of the season and Tottenham are coming out of a great 3-0 win over Everton. Tottenham should be able to glide through another week with an easy victory.