Pumpkin Carving

Hailey Jennings, E23 Reporter

The international student and scholars center and Asian affairs come together and host a pumpkin-carving event to show other cultures our American culture. MU brings students together to create ONE MIZZOU.

“We like to try and familiarize them with American customs and holidays, since their coming here a lot of then have children with them so it’s a good opportunity for them to expose their children to it and kind of have family time as well,” said Maria Swanegan, a J1 scholar in the international center. Even though this is a newly founded event, the organization is really proud of the turnout. “We’ve been doing it for a couple of years now but I think we’re going to try to do this every year because we’ve been having a good turnout, “ said Swanegan.

When asked what students favorite part of this event was, we received a variety of different answers. “It’s really cool to see everybody carving together especially from different places, it’d good to see people do it and get into the spirit and have the kind of experiences I grew up with my whole life, said Wolfgang Black, MU student. “I’s free,” said Shingo Ikezawa.

Finding out events isn’t a dilemma for most students because there’s always something fun to do on campus. “I walked into memorial union and saw the cookies and everything and the pumpkins being set up so I said what’s going on and they said it’s an event happening at 4pm So I was like that sounds like fun. Another way to find out about events is to get connected. “I’m actually friends with some of the people in the multicultural center their the ones hosting the event and I just wanted to come out and show my support for the group,” said Wolfgang Black.

MU students love to lend a helping hand. “It’s been really fun sharing the Halloween culture with some of the international students because a lot of them haven’t had like a real Halloween before, so it’s been really cool to teach them how to carve pumpkins,” said Haley Gassel, MU student. “I’m just helping out people with their pumpkins there a lot of international students and foreign students here as well as international families so some of them haven’t carved pumpkins before so I’m showing them techniques,” said Wolfgang Black, MU student.

Scary themes are another part of Halloween, and it seemed like a lot of people were getting in the spirit. Many children walked around dressed as wizards or princesses, but even MU students joined in on the fun. “I dressed up like the joker from dark knight,” said Shingo Ikezawa. Not only were the costumes themed, but also so were the designs on the pumpkins. “Right now it looks like were decorating it like Jack for the nightmare before Christmas, “ said Haley Gassel.

Joining in isn’t just about coming to the event, but actually being apart of it. After experiencing one of the events, one of our MU students decided to officially be apart of this international; organization. “I just became an ambassador this week…if you go and talk to the student center you can fill out an application and they can try and get you involved, said Hailey Gassel, MU student.

Something you might not have known about our international scholars is that there are a large amount of scholars here on campus. “International and Asian affairs work together to bring over international scholars we have a large

population of Chinese scholars and we thought it would be a great idea to have a pumpkin carving activity.

Well they were right. It was a great activity and bonding experience for not only students, but also families. Every one had a great time eating and carving pumpkins. The families took their time and learned together on not just carving a pumpkin but learning a little piece of the American culture. They weren’t just making faces on pumpkins they also created memories.