Puppies With Purpose



Nina Ruhe -MUTV 23 News Staff Writer


Puppies With Purpose was at the Multicultural Center on Wednesday to teach MU Students the proper way to react around service and therapy dogs.

Everyone loves dogs around campus. Some dogs, however, shouldn’t just be approached on the spot.

Nola Ewers, a board member of CHAMP—which stands for Canines Helpers Allow More Possibilities—said the best thing to do when approaching a service dog, is to first ask the person who has the dog if it is okay to pet or feed it.

“My favorite part is watching them. I love that they love to work. For me, that’s how it should be, for all the dogs,” Ewers responded when asked what her favorite part of training service dogs is.

The service dogs can do anything from retrieving things in small places and picking things up to helping their human get dressed and even get a phone to call 911 in case of emergencies.

Puppies With Purpose also identified the differences between service and therapy dogs, performed a demonstration to exhibit some of the dog’s skills, and explained the process of training dogs and getting them to patients.

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