Purple Heart Winner Speaks at Mizzou

Brian Adams is a lot of things: grad student, Iraq War Veteran, long-time sufferer of PTSD, as well as the founder of the Student Veteran’s Center organization.  After joining the army, Adams was deployed to Germany for basic training, then the battlefields of the Middle East.  Taking a round in the leg, Adams was taken out of active duty, and eventually returned stateside.  As symptoms of PTSD became more and more obvious, Adams’ family tried to help as best they could.  Thinking college would make a difference, Adams attended the University of Massachusetts, then Rockhurst University.  Along the way, Adams realized that there was virtually no organization for student veterans using their GI bill.  Student veterans were often isolated, depressed, and suffering PTSD like himself.  So, Adams set out to found the Student Veteran’s Center, a nationwide program for student veterans to be with fellow vets and to have the camaraderie they learned in the field.