By Korl Cusick, E23 Reporter

For the 2016 presidential candidates, it’s not only about what you say, but it’s about how you present yourself. Let’s see if these 2016 candidates have what it takes as we count down on the list.

Carson's pinstripe suit is first on the list.

Pinstripe suits are extremely difficult to pull off, but Ben Carson does it repeatedly, which makes him first on the list. You wouldn’t think the polka dot pattern of his tie and the pinstripes would work well together, but the tie pops against his bright white shirt, bringing out the slight white lines in his suit and really pulling it all together.

Hillary's coat is lit.

Hillary Clinton is coming in hot in second place with this gorgeous duster coat. The colorful floral pattern brings out the color in her cheeks and lipstick, which are both also on point. She is classy and chic but also looks like she could have a fun day at the park with her grandkids. This coat is perfect for those chilly spring mornings, and I’m sure you could find one similar to it at your local thrift store.

Bernie Sanders manages to look professional without a tie. Go him!

Bernie Sanders is third for mastering the art of not wearing a tie. This move takes some serious guts, so congratulations his stylist, if he has one. With his always messy white hair and the “old man” glasses, he looks like your favorite grandpa who is all dressed up for Easter. This look is worthy of third place, because he makes it look comfortable and casual, which is something us college students strive for with our sweatpants and t-shirts with hoodies.

Bush's tie looks like a piece from H&M.

I am feeling this look, because I’m pretty sure I have some trousers from H&M with almost the same pattern as his tie. I have not seen any other candidate with such a detailed tie and I’m low-key loving him for it. Jeb Bush’s almost-clear frames make him look smart and organized as well as his swept-back hair and fitted suit. The two blues work together to make his gray hair- which is totally in right now- pop.

UPDATE: Bush suspended his presidential campaign because he was not able to win voters’ hearts, but he did catch their eyes with his style.

Red and blue, but no white? Get it together, Rubio.

Marco Rubio is fifth on the list with this classic look of red and blue, but I’m low-key disappointed he is not wearing more white though. The bright, almost metallic-looking thick red tie brings out his tan complexion. This combination works every time with this skin tone. I never see Marco looking anything but fabulous and put-together for every debate. He could possibly be the next JFK, who knows?

Trump is cheesing and pleasing with the smile and the tie.

Donald Trump tied with Marco because he went for almost the same look, but with a different tie. Blues and blondes will always be a thing. Let’s be real here. He even looks a bit nicer by chucking those deuces with a cheesy grin on his face. Almost my entire closet is black and blue with a bit of gray, so it’s a thumbs-up from me, Trump. You are not fired… yet.

The striped tie is not working. Sorry Ted.

Sixth is Ted Cruz. The blues just don’t work well on him and those STRIPES. Ugh. He looks extremely washed out and sad, but he’s smiling? I never know with him. That’s really all there is to say about this look. Sorry Cruz, but you need to step up your game and maybe get some advice from your friend Ben.

John Kasich takes last place on this list.

Here we have John Kasich at the bottom of the list. Why, might you ask? He needs to do something else with his hair. You’re not 12 anymore, man, and the color of his dress shirt washes him out to the max. He just looks angry and tired. His tie isn’t helping either. Going with faded red is a poor choice. If it were me, I would have chosen a bright navy blue or deep red tie. Never put a bright and faded item together, it will never, ever work.

That’s all for ranking the fashion choices of the 2016 presidential candidates. It seems that most of them have their acts together, but a few of them need to get a better wardrobe if they want to seem more presidential.