Tyler Fitton, 23 Sports

The Missouri Tigers women’s soccer team traveled to Arkansas on Thursday to take on the Razorbacks. The game did not go the Tigers way, as they fell 1-0 in an low scoring affair. This now makes Mizzou 4-6-2, further hurting their chances at a post season.

The big statistic that really put the Razorbacks over the top was shots. Arkansas hounded the Missouri goalkeeper, taking 17 shots compared to a measly eight shots put on the Razorback goalie. The Razorbacks “back-breaking” attack left the Tigers constantly on their heels, always trying to defend themselves and just not being able to get much going offensively.

The Mizzou star of the game was junior forward Sarah Luebbert, who while only taking one shot was able to land it on goal. Unfortunately for the Tigers, she could not convert.

The fouls in the game were dead even at 11 each, so it was not an issue of discipline that ultimately led to defeat for Mizzou. And it was not even the defense, as only one goal was let in. The true killer of the Tigers was that they could not get enough shots on goal, as only three shots of their eight were recorded on goal, simply not enough to keep up with a team like Arkansas. The Razorbacks now have a record of 8-2-2. While Missouri held in there, if they want to keep staying in and eventually start winning games against tougher opponents, they are going to need a powerful offense. We will see if they can do that as they take on their next opponent, Ole Miss, on October 4th.