‘The Voice’ Recap: Season Four Premiere

Monday, April 1-

The hit show “The Voice” is back for season four. Although it was sad to see Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera leave, fans were excited to tune in to the two-night season premiere to see what flavor Usher Raymond and Shakira would bring to the judging panel.

During the premiere on Monday and Tuesday night, judges showed their unique persuasion skills while trying to recruit their favorite contestants to join their team. Although Shakira and Usher are the new kids on the block, they had no trouble recruiting some upcoming stars for their team.

The premiere was full of great talent and surprising contestants. Although these were blind auditions, the male judges were pleasantly surprised when they turned around to find two attractive blonde twins. The Morgan Twins were the first contestants and they decided to join Team Blake. Levine then proceeded to mock Shelton by acting out his wife, Miranda Lambert’s, reaction to him working with attractive twins all day.

16-year-old Danielle Bradbery took the stage to perform Taylor Swift’s “Mean” which took a jab at the kids who made fun of her crooked teeth growing up. Usher fought hard for Bradbery by bribing her with the chance to meet Justin Bieber, but Raymond proceeded to knock his credibility when he called Nashville a state. Bradbery marched her cowboy boots on over to Shelton’s team.

The next stand out performer, Christian Porter, took the audience by storm with an extremely intriguing version of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. Shakira pulled out all of the tricks to win him over, but it still was not good enough because he also joined Team Blake.

Don’t worry Shakira, Usher, and Adam fans, Blake did not steal all of talent. Male contestant Kris Thomas sang “Saving All My Love for You”, but only Shakira turned around. The other judges were kicking themselves in the head because due to the fact that he sang a Whitney Houston song so well, they did not know that he was a guy. Shakira considered this a big win.

Judith Hill was set to due backup vocals for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour before he passed away. Her version of “What a Girl Wants” was compared to being just as good as Christina’s version, which is quite an accomplishment. All four judges recognized Hill’s star quality, but Levine won her over.

Midas Well got all four judges to turn their chairs with their extremely unique sound. When asked what genre they consider themselves they said folk or similar to Mumford and Sons. Either way, this duo won over all four judges, but they chose Levine.

Tawnya Reynolds, a country singer, made her way to Shakira’s team. Although this Latin pop artist is the farthest thing from country, she pulled out her “English to Country” dictionary to win over Reynolds.

Model Josiah Hawley sang Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning,” but much to the audience’s surprise, he did not go with Levine. Instead he made his way to Team Usher.

Sarah Simmons sang her blind audition in Spanish, which made it no surprise when she joined Shakira’s team.
Topping off night two of “The Voice” was Sara Simmons. Simmons, currently a music student, left school to try out for the show. Her formal training was clear and she topped off the night by joining Team Levine.

The judges were not lacking in friendly competition as they took small jabs back and forth. Their chemistry is clear and I would say that Shakira and Usher have already proved to be great additions to the show.


-Amber Smith

Staff Writer

The Prowl