Recounting the best moments from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

By Madeline Dufek, E23

Jimmy Fallon took over the hosting gig of “The Tonight Show” for Jay Leno on February 17. If you, like myself, are an avid Fallon fan, this change in late night television probably produced euphoria within your soul beyond your wildest fantasies. If you are not a Fallon fan, this change in late night television probably should produce euphoria within your soul beyond your wildest fantasies. Fallon is one of the most entertaining hosts television has seen in years. Fallon’s range of talents defies limitations and he will use every one of them to entertain his audience if it’s the last thing he does. He can sing, do impressions, do impressions while singing, act and the list grows with each show. Besides his unyielding efforts to make his viewers laugh, his enthusiasm and pure joy he brings to his hosting gigs will make you fall in love with him whether you like it or not. Fallon loves every single minute of his job, and it shows through his dedication to making his viewers laugh. So I’m going to share some of my very favorite moments (in no particular order) from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in honor of his new gig. I want to prove just how hilarious and talented this man is. Check them out, laugh your patootie off, and thank me later. Also, sorry I just used the word “patootie.”

1.    “Ew”

In this sketch, Fallon disappears into the role of Sara, a teenage girl whose general reaction to everything is “Ew.” He is clad in a purple dress, blonde wig, braces, and a full face of makeup. Fallon has done this sketch with many celebrities now including Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan, Will Ferrell, Michelle Obama, Michael Strahan, and Emma Stone, but my favorite features the Jonas Brothers. This may have something to do with my undying love for the boy band, but who knows?

2.    Songs with Classroom Instruments

Fallon and his house band, The Roots, will team up with visiting musicians and perform said artist’s songs with classroom instruments. It’s amazing how entertaining this is. Probably the most-viewed of this bit is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, but I’m going to post the link to Fallon, The Roots, and the Muppets singing the “Sesame Street” theme because it isn’t Christmas.

3.    Every Game

The creativity and silliness displayed in the games played on Late Night amaze me. Some common games include charades, Pictionary, or catchphrase. But some sillier games were “Egg Roulette” where Fallon and his celebrity guest would smack either raw or hardboiled eggs on their own heads, “Box of Lies”, “Battle Shots” (like battle ship, but with shots), lip sync battles, and beer pong. No matter the game, hilarity ensues.

Here’s Seth Meyers and Fallon playing “Egg Roulette”

“Box of Lies” with the perfect Tina Fey

Lip Sync Battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant

4.    “History of Rap” (and every other sketch feature Justin Timberlake)

History of Rap is probably one of the most popular bits Fallon did on the show. There are now five installments, it’s so popular, and each is as good as the last. Also one of my favorite Fallon/Timberlake sketches is “Hashtag.” I’ll post both below:



History of Rap (Part 5):


5.    “Thank You Notes”

Every Friday, Fallon asks his audience if it’s okay if he catches up on his Thank You notes. Everyone agrees because they know what’s coming next: jokes and big, belly laughs, that’s what. Thank You Notes is so popular, Fallon published two books full of ones featured on his show. Enjoy.

Okay when I started writing this I clearly underestimated just how many favorite moments I had from the show. There’s “Jersey Floor” where a bunch of celebrities get on the elevator in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, press the Jersey Floor button, and exit looking like a hot mess. There’s “Real People, Fake Arms,” where Fallon and his guest reflect on past collaborations where they then do a sketch with mannequin hands, and I cry from laughing so hard. “Joking Bad,” a “Breaking Bad” spoof. Every episode of “Late Night” never ceased to surprise me with just how entertaining and talented Fallon is.

So if you haven’t already guessed, I clearly recommend “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” If this article hasn’t convinced you of Fallon’s comedic skill, then you clearly don’t appreciate laughter, and you probably hate sunshine and puppies too. Or you’re an alien.