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One thing that did not get canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic was the Superbowl Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. They played just weeks before the rest of the sports world shut down, but for football players and fans this was just their typical off season and the NFL will be starting up again tonight. 

Tonight marks Week One of the NFL Season, starting it off with an electric matchup between the Houston Texans facing the reigning Superbowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. This year may look different with the new social distancing guidelines in place, but it does not for the Kansas City Chiefs offense. Head Coach Andy Reid is back for his eighth season, along with Travis Kelce and bringing back the one and only reigning MVP, Patrick Mahomes after signing a 10-year $503 million contract. It is safe to say the future looks promising for them. 

The Chiefs take on the Houston Texans tomorrow at 7:20. Only being able to fill Arrowhead at 20% is not what fans were hoping for, but better than nothing. The Chiefs are back with their Superbowl roster ready to take on Deshaun Watson and the Texans. 

As for the rest of the NFL starting up Sunday, these are some facts worth noting. Aaron Rodgers alongside Jordan Love should be a solid duo this season, so long as Rodgers stays healthy. Cam Newton is starting for the New England Patriots this year, which marks the first quarterback start, post-Tom Brady’s 20 season era played with the Patriots. Washington’s head coach Ron Rivera misses practice due to his cancer treatment which means coach Jack Del Rio will need to step up this coming season. The Bears are starting Mitchell Trubisky over Nick Foles. The Bills add Stefon Diggs to the lineup. Philip Rivers is making his first debut as the Colts’ new quarterback and the Panthers have a new coaching staff and new quarterback this season. 

This season looks like an exciting one, with many new changes and players to look out for. It will also be interesting to see the New England Patriots play this season without Tom Brady, and how fans will react. Hopefully the 2020 season plays out how its schedule and stadiums can start allowing more and more fans through their gates each week so the league can return to its exciting packed-house games.

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