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The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center held Green Dot Day on Thursday, September 14 in the MU Student Center. The event aimed to educate students and faculty about the Green Dot program.

“Green Dot is about doing something. We often see around this issue of power-based personal violence that this is an issue that lives in silence,” said Chris Walters, RSVP Coordinator.

The Green Dot program revolves around the idea that red dots are something negative that occurs such as violence or harassment, whereas green dots are positive actions taken to counteract the “red dots.”

Walters explained, “Green dots are something that many folks have  already done. It’s as simple as checking in with a friend, or saying, ‘Hey that’s not cool. Stop that’. It’s things we have done everyday in uncomfortable situations.”

These are buttons that the RSVP Center was giving out at Green Dot Day.

Green Dot Day included students and staff writing their personal “green dots” on chalkboards and posting them on social media. A large cardboard red dot was also displayed and it was covered with many other different green paper dots. These dots had good deeds and encouragements written on them.   

Walters hopes that programs like this can help decrease the rates of violence on campus.

MU student Alice Yu said, “One of the main things that I did was try to cover up the red dot with one of my own green dots, and that’s kind of as a way to signify what I’m going to do in hypothetical situations or actively to help prevent any red dots from happening.”

The RSVP Center and Green Dot will be hosting a conference on October 6. It will be a full day of interactive training to show students and faculty how to get involved with the Green Dot Program and how to recognize and counter violence. It will take place from 11a.m. to 5 p.m. and  food will be provided.

Students and faculty can register for the event on the RSVP Center’s OrgSync page.

Walters stated, “Anyone can engage in this conversation and that is the beauty of the program.”

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