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Hannah Archambault, 23News Staff Writer

The GOP held its second presidential debate on Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. in the Reagan Library. This debate was hosted and broadcasted by CNN. If you weren’t able to watch or you couldn’t sit through the two hours it took for all 11 candidates to speak, here are some of the main points that should be taken away from the debate.

Many are calling Carly Fiorina the winner of the debate, especially with how she was able to deftly handle any insult Trump threw her way. Her big moment came when she passionately decried Planned Parenthood earning her a big cheer from the audience and the potential to be the winner of the debate as a whole. But she still hasn’t defined a clear lead. As it stands, all she has managed to create is a

Secondly, despite his ability to attract a large amount of media coverage, the GOP race is not just about Donald Trump. Despite being willing to fire back when personally attacked, the front runner had little to say when the conversation shifted towards more important issues. There was a full 30-minute block where Trump was silent while everyone else discussed foreign policy. For the first time, his loud and boisterous personality did not dominate and other campaigns took the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Many viewers commented that the candidates were on top of there game. Those with experience knew exactly how to reach the people like senator Marco Rubio who had a fluent discussion on foreign policy and the Middle East or sitting Governor Chris Christie who called out Fiorina and Trump’s argument about their businesses as childish and unimportant to the middle class.

Fourth, Bush is getting better, but is it enough? Jeb Bush attempted to regain the public’s support despite recent dips in the poll as he shed his quieter demeanor to defend his family. He supported his brother’s actions as president stating that they kept America safe and he wouldn’t stand for any insult against his Mexican-American wife calling for Trump to apologize when he brought her into the debate. While many voters do like the new side of Bush this didn’t translate to much in the polls as many wonder if he can keep up this new side of himself.

Fifth, 11 is a crowd. With so many candidates vying for the same position many were practically jumping all over each other for their chance to speak while others like John Kasich or Rand Paul found themselves with either no time to really speak or having nothing they say really stick with the people watching. For those who did leave an impression no one candidate stood out.

The overall conclusion to be had from the most recent GOP debate is that at this rate the GOP presidential nomination is still anyone’s game to win if they can truly stand out amongst the crowd and keep it that way. Many candidates gave it their best effort but until the crowd gets thinned down no clear winner can be determined.



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