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Corrected 7/19/2016: An earlier version of this article stated that an additional full-time counselor would not be hired due to the budget cuts. It is true that plans to hire an additional counselor by using a portion of the activity fee were scraped. However, the Counseling Center has recently hired three new psychologists to fill vacancies during the 2015-16 school year. In addition, the Counseling Center worked with the College of Veterinary Medicine to establish a new psychologist position. MUTV regrets this error. 

The University of Missouri is expected to suffer a decline of 2,600 students next fall semester which will create a $36 million tuition revenue shortfall, according to The Missourian.

The decrease in enrollment will impact funding for student organizations like the Missouri Students Association.

“Because student organizations are funded through activity fees, fewer enrolled students means less revenue. The cuts will result in reduced student staff (not hiring as many students as last year) and an approximately $50,000 cut to programming budgets,” MU News Bureau Associate Director Christian Basi  said in an email.

For the fall 2016 semester, students will pay a $169.56 student activity fee if they are enrolled in more than 11 credit hours, according to the Office of Cashiers

Additionally, the Student Recreation Complex will reduce its operating hours on the weekends and close the west entrance on Saturdays and Sundays.

“To help close the budget gap that was created through a combination of anticipated lower enrollment and new commitments for next year, interim Chancellor Foley announced a 5 percent cut across campus several weeks ago. While administrators are working hard to place priorities on academics and research, students will be impacted by some cuts,Basi said in an email.

The UM System Board of Curator recently approved a 3% increase in nonresident undergraduate tuition and nonresident graduate tuition and a 0.7% raise in tuition for resident graduate students, according to The Missourian. This will help reduce the budget shortfall from the decrease in enrollment. 

MU is also closing four campus dorms in response to the decline in enrollment. In March, the Department of Residential Life announced that Laws and Lathrop halls will be closed during the 2016-17 school year. Laws Hall was already scheduled to be demolished next year, according to reporting by The Maneater. Respect and Excellence halls will also be closed next fall. 

For every 100 students that MU loses, the university loses $1 million in tuition revenue, with the figure increasing to $2.5 million if the students are out-of-state, according to The Columbia Tribune

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