By John Messer, E23 Reporter

“Altered Carbon” is a dystopian science fiction noir television series created by Netflix. Set in a future of the ultra-rich, ultra-corrupt and ultra-grim, season one follows Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman). He is the last survivor of an attempted uprising and is revived after 250 years in stasis to solve the murder of the wealthiest man in the world.

That’s the extent of the plot to be discussed here. This is a noir story, so spoiling even minor details can be disastrous for one’s enjoyment and digestion of this dark tale. What more is there to talk about? Plenty.

Fans of “Blade Runner” and “Neuromancer” will immediately find enjoyment from this urban-heavy, futuristic detective story. The skyscrapers are endless, the neon is ever present, the rain never seems to stop and everyone on the street is either a drug dealer, prostitute, gang member or one of their hapless victims. What sets “Altered Carbon” apart though is its conceit of so-called “sleeves.” In the show’s future, technology has allowed the human mind to transfer seamlessly between different bodies. Instead of artificial intelligence, aliens or war, the main theme here is transhumanism, which is less frequently explored.

“Altered Carbon” is fantastic. At only ten episodes, it takes no time at all to get through, but you’ll be wishing there was more. The world is immersive and creative, the performances are all amazing and the plot is crafted exquisitely. You’ll be drawn in, engrossed and spit back out in no time. This is highly recommendable after only a few episodes. It’s really something special.

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