Review: American Horror Story Season Premiere

Thursday, Oct. 18-

Following one extremely successful first year for the series, “American Horror Story” came back for another season with their premiere episode last Tuesday.

Co-creators of the series Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who also happen to be the co-creators of the popular Fox series Glee, changed television with their new idea for a show last year. Although controversial, the show was no doubt groundbreaking as it pushed the boundaries of what could be shown on cable television.

“Welcome to Briarcliff”, the season’s first episode opens with a couple in the present time breaking into a supposed “haunted asylum”.

The couple (which includes Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine in his first acting performance) is caught up in a very generic opening to a horror movie. The couple walks into the haunted building, they take a bunch of pictures of each other, one accuses the other of being too scared and then something bad happens; in fact, Levine’s arm gets ripped off.

The episode then cuts back to historical events that have some sort of connection to the asylum. Last season’s golden boy Evan Peters plays a young gas station employee who was attacked by aliens and afterwards sent to the asylum for decapitating women; he is known as “Bloody Face”. His wife was decapitated in the alien attack, and the audience is led to believe that Peters’ character has been framed because nobody believes the women who died were truly killed by aliens.

Emmy award winner Jessica Lange plays a nun who controls what goes on in the asylum; or rather, she is led to believe that she has control of the asylum. James Cromwell, who is actually very impressive in his role, plays a man of the church who conducts secret experiments on the subjects in the asylum.

“American Horror Story” is meant to be a very provocative series. However, the season premiere crossed the line this season. The show included way to much sexual content that overpowered the plot and added nothing to the story. The unnecessary addition of these scenes kind makes the show almost hard to watch.

There is a lot of promise for good things to come for the rest of the series; however, the season premiere was extremely overdone and very messy. Editing in the show was poorly done; cuts from one shot to the next were extremely quick which made it hard to watch everything that was happening on screen.

Fans of the series can only hope for an increase in editing quality and a decrease in excessive sexual content; only then can the new season captivate its audience as it did last year.

-Ian Stratta

Staff Writer

The Prowl