Review: ‘Beautiful Creatures’

Tuesday, Feb. 19-

“Beautiful Creatures” is based off of the gothic teen novel that bears the same name. The story was written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and is the first of four novels in the series.

The film follows Ethan Wate, a high school junior from a small town in South Carolina whose biggest goal is to simply get out. Everyone in Gatlin County is obsessed with maintaining a ‘Christian’ image and being holier than their neighbor.

The only exception to this social rule? Macon Ravenwood. Ravenwood’s family founded the county and owns the land that it’s built on. However, Ravenwood chose to isolate himself from the community and no one ever saw him until his niece, Lena, came to stay with him.

Lena is a beautiful 15-year-old girl with deep, dark eyes and a potentially dangerous secret. Lena belongs to a family of witches or “casters”, as they prefer to be called. Her mysterious demeanor and cutting responses to the mean girls that attempt to embarrass her on the first day of school instantly attracts Ethan to her. After a couple of mysterious events, Ethan decides to dig deeper into Lena’s life and learn more about her.

Ethan finds out about Lena’s magical nature and also discovers that upon her 16th birthday, she will either be claimed for darkness or light. The rest of the film plays out the happenings that lead her to the day of decision.

She struggles to break the curse of darkness that was cast upon her family from one of her ancestors and searches to find her inner being. All the while, she falls deeply in love with Ethan, who may pose a threat to her journey because he is “mortal”.

Though the concept of the storyline was interesting, the events following the initial story set-up became somewhat tedious and hard to follow. At some points, it was difficult to decipher what the actual conflict was in isolated situations.

However, the character of Ethan was appealing to the female audience. Not only is he handsome, but he is head over heels in love with Lena and it is simply adorable. His character produced many “aww” moments for the viewer.

The love story was certainly the highlight of the film, though it seemed to slightly mimic the forbidden love portrayed in the “Twilight” saga. While it was not a terrible film, it will probably not be nominated for any awards.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl