By Savannah Ritzen, E23 Reporter

On February 16, Netflix released its latest comedy, “Everything Sucks!” Created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan, the series is set in the mid-1990s at a high school in Boring, Oregon. (Yes, Boring is a real place.) The show is set around the life of Luke O’Neil, a freshman in high school, and his friends Tyler and McQuaid.

Luke and his friends begin their high school careers by joining the school’s A/V Club where the student news is filmed. While spending time in the A/V Club, Luke begins to crush on Kate Messner, a sophomore, who Luke discovers is actually the principal’s daughter.

As Luke and Kate’s relationship progresses, Kate begins to question her sexuality. When Emaline Addario is in the room, it is evident that Kate develops a crush on her as she cannot help but stare at her with googly eyes. Meanwhile, Luke finds himself actually falling deeper in love with the sexually-confused teen, making his own situation a unique one.

Later on, Luke and his friends find themselves in a bit of trouble with the Drama Club. Without spoiling the show, the teens from different friend groups work together to make something spectacular that pulls them closer together.

With silly putty, scrunchies and corded telephones, this series calls upon some 1990s nostalgia. Fans of “Stranger Things” and possibly “The Breakfast Club” will undoubtedly enjoy this new show as it revolves around a group of high school students in their journey to discover who they are. Watching the show, viewers may find themselves reminiscing on their own high school experiences and may even be inspired to reunite with their high school crush.

Personally, I enjoyed seeing the direct correlation between trends of the 1990s and today. Looking at recent fashion, many ‘90s styles seen in the show, like denim, are coming back. Today, women are wearing denim skirts and jackets. Their denim jeans are high-waisted, which is a very ‘90s look. One of my favorite items in the show was the Christian Roth Archive 1993 glasses, popularly known today as “clout goggles.” There is a scene in the show where Oliver, played by Elijah Stevenson, crushes his white, oval sunglasses with his foot, symbolically destroying his own fame, or “clout,” throughout Boring High School.

With 1990s trends resurfacing, it was fun to listen to classics like “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors and “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Although I only lived the last two years of the ‘90s, it brought me back to moments when I would hang out in my older sisters’ rooms and admirably listen to their music. The music choices for the series perfectly correlated with the year it is set in as well as the emotions projected by each character. For example, “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran played over an intimate scene between Kate and her newfound lover.

Overall, “Everything Sucks!” is a must-see for those looking to take a step back into their Reebok Pumps and explore the unpredictable, yet unforgettable life that is high school. With just ten, 20-minute episodes, this series is a breeze to watch. You will be glued to the life of Luke O’Neil.

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