Review: ‘Gangster Squad’

Thursday, Feb. 7-

Sunny Los Angeles did not seem so bright in the action film “Gangster Squad.”

The film was filled with action, comedy and charm. It included a huge amount of action, but Sgt. Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling) and Grace Faraday’s (Emma Stones) romance along with Max Kennard’s (Robert Patrick) amazing shooting skills and sarcastic comments added a different taste to the film. That is no surprise seeing that the director, Ruben Fleischer, directed movies such as “Zombieland”, “30 Minutes or Less” and many more. Of those two they are immensely known as comical action packed films.

The film immediately took off with L.A. gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) proving that L.A. was his turf. Penn’s gangster territorial takeover did not last long. The elite good guy group “Gangster Squad” was created to defeat Cohen. The group consisted of Sgt. Jerry Wooters (Gosling), John O’Mara (Josh Brolin), Coleman Harris (Anthony Mackie), Conway Keeler (Giovanni Ribisi), Navidad Ramirez (Micheal Pena) and Max Kennard (Robert Patrick).

This elite group consisted of veterans, some of whom were formally part of the police force. Each member had a key skill that benefitted the plan to stop Cohen in his plot to continue taking over the remainder of California with his mob squad. Throughout the film, Cohen destroyed people who crossed his path.

O’Mara and his squad worked their way into Cohen’s path by destroying everything that belonged to him, including Gosling soon courting his trophy girl Stone. Cohen noticed the downfall of his fortunes and respect and sent his crew after the squad.

As the film came to the climax, the remaining five protagonists became involved in an intense gunfight against the large mob squad of L.A.’s top gangster.

The movie ended with squad leader O’Mara slaying Cohen. In the end, the squad went their separate ways knowing their city was now at peace.


-Sydney Watkins

Staff Writer

The Prowl