Review: Gossip Girl

Tuesday, Nov. 6-

Now I think it’s safe to say that when people think of horse shows, they expect to see classy outfits, gambling, and prestigious people showing off their well-groomed horses. However, in this week’s episode of cw’s hit show “Gossip Girl”, I definitely expected the unexpected.

Of course we all know whenever there’s a horse show going down in the Upper East Side, there’s bound to be a lot of drama going down. Especially when you still have Chuck and Blair going on their mischievous adventures, Dan publishing a harsh expose on his friends and family, and Serena finding out that her mom slept with her boyfriend.


That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The new “prince charming” for Serena, has actually slept with her mom. Don’t worry; it was long before Serena was even in her teenage years. Sick, right? I mean the Van Der Woodsen’s have always been an interesting family, but maybe it’s about time they stop airing each other’s dirty laundry.

Can’t say the same for Dan Humphrey though. His main focus this entire season has been about exposing all of his friends and family’s dirty little secrets. Poor boy. Guess he finally became bitter over the numerous of times the Upper East Side has tried to screw him over. However, I do hope he comes across some luck. Maybe him and Blair will end u getting back together? I mean I sure did enjoy questioning the fact of why Blair allowed Dan to move in with her.

Only time will tell. And I’m completely okay with waiting to see how this fairy tale season will play out. Just kidding. “Gossip Girl” never ends with a happy ending.

-Gabbie Rhodes

Staff Writer

The Prowl