Review: ‘Life of Pi’

Tuesday, Feb. 19-

Though it has been out for quite a while, “Life of Pi” is still being shown in Columbia and it is most definitely worth seeing.

The film follows the life of the main character, Pi, and his crazy adventure of getting lost at sea with a tiger. The film begins as an adult Pi retells his experiences to an author.

Pi tells of his life in India, growing up among his family and their animals. As a child, he desired to learn about different faiths and have a relationship with all of the different Gods. Though his father and brother mock him, he continues to break the mold of strictly being a traditional Hindu. His steps into faith lead him to take risks and search for deeper meanings in every situation.

When his family must move to America, they pack their bags and set sail. However, a terrible storm causes the ship to be destroyed. Everyone except for Pi, a tiger and a zebra is killed in the accident. As he spends days on a life raft with the animals, the zebra is lost, as well as Pi’s sense of everything he has come from except for his faith.

Throughout the journey, Pi has many spiritual epiphanies. With only the tiger as his companion, Pi names him and even blurs the barrier between the sophistication of human and animals in his primal state.

Pi is eventually rescued and goes on to tell the story but with a strange twist that teeters the thin line between reality and perception.

The most captivating part of the film is the visual element. All of the graphics are really well done and the movie, as a whole, is extremely aesthetically pleasing.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl