Review: ‘Safe Haven’

Sunday, Feb. 17-

As another Valentine’s Day came around, it was only appropriate for the release of Nicholas Sparks newest movie rendition of his romance novel, “Safe Haven.”

The film stars “Dancing with the Stars” dancer Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, Noah Lomax and newcomer child actress Mimi Kirkland. Duhamel plays a widowed father living in a small beachside town, while Hough plays a mysterious newcomer to town who has a secret haunting her; not being revealed until later in the movie. Of course these two stars find romance with each other along the way. It is a Nicholas Sparks movie afterall.

Much of the film’s suspense comes from flashes of Hough’s characters past, along with waiting for the twist that usually comes with a Sparks story.

In the middle of the film it is revealed that Hough is running away from an abusive, alcoholic husband who happens to be a detective, making it nearly impossible to fully escape. Of course this conflict does not just disappear, but it does cause a lot of action and tears later in the film.

It would be impossible to write a review without mentioning the remarkable chemistry Duhamel held with his onscreen children, and the amazing skills of newcomer, Mimi Kirkland. In interviews, Hough has called attention to the fact that offscreen Duhamel would spend countless hours playing with these children and creating a bond, which was time well spent. The relationship was more than believable and Kirkland is definitely one to watch out for.

Overall this was a standard Sparks movie, with just the perfect amount of romance, drama, tears and of course that Sparks twist that you will just have to see the movie to find out about.

Although it is no future Oscar nominee, the cast puts their hearts and souls into these characters. It is an absolute perfect movie for date night or a night out with the girls.


-Abby Vega

Staff Writer

The Prowl