By Savannah Ritzen, E23 Reporter

Finally, the summer bops are heading our way! On Friday, April 6, The Aces released their debut pop album, “When My Heart Felt Volcanic.” Filled with sparkle and confidence, the album is perfect to add to your summer playlist(s).

As an all-female pop quartet, The Aces formed in Utah during their youth. Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, along with their best friends Katie Henderson and McKenna Petty, began to play music together in their tween years and decided to create an all-female pop band. Unlike today’s popular girl groups like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony, this ambitious band does not consist of only vocalists. In fact, all four members play instruments and only two of the four are vocalists.

While looking for some fresh tunes this summer, it will be no surprise to come across this talented band and their newly released debut. Similar to The 1975 or HAIM, this album is full of funky, ‘80s vibes that will accompany you as you roll your windows down and drive around town this summer.

“Volcanic Love,” the debut opener, is vocally empowered by Cristal Ramirez as she holds onto feelings for a love that seems to have escaped. She describes that “under the ashes” she is “on fire.” Essentially, she is about to explode with her desire for love.

“Holiday,” another fun bop, is just one of the many songs that carry an ‘80s vibe with a modern flair. For example, the lyric “postin’ all of the time so you’ll see it” refers to today’s society and the popular use of social media to interact with others, even if it is used to show off. The song heavily reflects on relationships as the fight to be close to someone is heavily reliant on what is posted online.

“Hurricane” is one of the album’s ballads. Beautifully written, this song portrays the vulnerability of the narrator as she comes to the realization that her relationship needs to end and she is the one who will finalize it. The lyrics, “Not askin’ you to hold my hand while I break you in two,” suggest the expectation of anger as she breaks up with her significant other. Toward the end, the somber tone of the song is interrupted by background belts portraying the pain that comes with a breakup.

“Fake Nice,” accompanied by a funky bass line, veers away from the typical romance-driven songs and focuses on the unreliability of people. Suggesting a feeling of sympathy, The Aces vent about a girl who is clearly putting on a face just to be nice when in reality she is what seems to be a horrible person. The lyrics “Like a river swallow up who’s in your way,” demonstrate the manipulative behavior of this girl.

Overall, The Aces’ debut album covers several themes. Love, being the main one, is portrayed in several ways. Love hurts but also feels so good. This is felt by the girls as they pour out their heartbreak in “Hurricane” and crave love in “Lovin’ is Bible.” The album subtly mentions the impact of technology on society today and how it is not only used for communication but also a source of distraction from problems.

Personally, I am living for this powerful girl band and cannot wait to watch them excel in the near future. The Aces are truly a diamond in the rough and their music is so very special. Turn up your radios this summer because these girls are about to take over pop radio!

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