Review: ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ with an American Accent

Tuesday, March 19-

Emma Watson and Logan Lerman did a magnificent job of bringing “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” a novel written by Stephen Chbosky, to life. The movie was directed by Chbosky, himself, and illustrates his nonconventional spin on the classic coming-of-age tale.

Charlie (Lerman) is a troubled 15-year-old starting high school is already counting down the days until graduation. He immediately befriends his English teacher who spots his love for books. After a couple of days of high school he makes friends with a senior boy named Erik (Ezra Miller) and his stepsister Sam (Watson).

Sam and Erik are everything Charlie wants to be; they’re fun, adventurous, happy and completely indifferent to the world beyond their own contentment. They bring Charlie into their friend circle at a party and give him drugs and alcohol. Once under the influence, Charlie confesses that his best friend had recently committed suicide.

This news leads Erik and Sam to bring Charlie even closer into their circle of friends.

The rest of the film shows Charlie’s growing love for Sam as more than a friend and Erik’s struggle to be openly gay as he is in love with a guy who is afraid to come out of the closet. Charlie learns lessons about girls, honesty, friendship and the truth about his past.

Though Watson’s American accent was slightly humorous to witness after years of hearing the Brit casting spells, she did an amazing job in this breakout role. The vintage style and music created a somewhat nostalgic feel throughout the entire film and the love story is heart warming.

The joining of the two troubled souls (Sam and Charlie) through friendship and love, creates a kind of magic and chemistry that is rarely shown in such a genuine fashion. The movie is unlike any other film that has been released recently and although it is no longer in theaters, it is the perfect date night movie.

Grab some popcorn and a cozy blanket and prepare to fall even more in love with Emma Watson than you already were.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl