By Devine Utley, E23 Reporter

When she first came onto the scene in 2005, 17-year-old Rihanna had a much different look than she does today. However, in 2005, no one was truly a style icon.

I like to think of the early 2000’s as a dark time in fashion history, but Rihanna tried to work with what she was given. She stayed away from the atrocious flared jeans and instead opted for cuffed pants and low rise boot cut jeans, flared jeans’ less ugly sister. While the crop top she wears in the picture below is quite ugly, the color scheme essentially ties the entire look together.

Rihanna in 2005

Fast-forward two years later to 2007, and Rihanna’s image transformed from good girl to bad girl. Her music and fashion sense became more sophisticated. Rihanna ditched the casual look she sported on red carpets at the beginning of her music career for clothing that was more mature and refined. Her dress at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards was a perfect example of her change.

Rihanna in 2007

This dress appealed to Rihanna’s edgier side. The low-cut dress made Rihanna look classy while the subtle pattern made her a standout. Sometimes, I think the dress wears the person, but here Rihanna definitely was wearing the dress. This look is often forgotten, but I think this dress showed that Rihanna has evolved as a person since first hitting the airwaves.

One of my favorite eras in Rihanna’s fashion evolution is in 2010 around the time she released “Loud.” In this particular era, Rihanna makes red hair not only wearable but also iconic.

At the 2010 American Music Awards, Rihanna showed up in a beautiful sheer burgundy dress with a curly ‘fro. The red tones and sheerness of the dress complemented her skin tone beautifully, and the hair tied it all together. This look demanded attention, and in the same way she wears clothes today on the red carpet, she appears bold and the spotlight is always on her.

Rihanna in 2010

Another look from this era was in 2011 when Rihanna showed up at the Grammy awards in Jean Paul Gaultier. I personally am not a huge fan of the dress I think that it is Rihanna owns it. She is radiant and confident which are two important traits to have, especially when wearing a dress like that. I think that this look perfectly exemplifies the fact that Rihanna is willing to take chances.

Rihanna in 2011

In 2015, evidence shows Rihanna has evolved into a true fashion icon. There are two obvious standouts that she wore in the last year. The infamous Swarovski crystal dress and the poofy Giambattista Valli dress both made headlines. The dresses are unique and eye-catching, and they show that she can make any outfit work for her.

Rihanna in 2015Rihanna in 2015

In 2016, Rihanna has continued to catch eyes with her elaborate wardrobe. Recently she was spotted leaving the club wearing a giant yellow coat with fur trim.

Rihanna in 2016