Roommate Speed Mingle and Off Campus Living



Nina Ruhe – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

On Tuesday night, the Women’s Center hosted a roommate speed mingle where students who either needed more roommates to live with them or needed a place to live in general got to interact.

Dionne George, coordinator for off campus student services, hosted the event for the first time last semester. Just over sixty students attended in hopes to find future roommates and places to live.

Dionne explained that the best thing for students to do when figuring out their housing situation is to do their research. Many students feel like they need to sign leases as soon as possible. Dionne stated that Columbia does not have a shortage of student housing, and the best thing to do is find a roommate that you will be able to split the bills with to make payments easier.

During the Speed Mingle, students played a form of Bingo game then moved on to talking one on one to see if they were the right fit to live together.

As Dionne had put it, students had to “sell themselves” to other students in order to see if the roommate match would work for future living situations.

Off campus student services plans to host this event again sometime next semester as well.

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