By Reagan Swatosh, MUTV-23 News reporter

COLUMBIA- Students at the University of Missouri are encouraged to use an app called Sanvello and receive free membership by signing up with their student email.

“I honestly have never even heard of Sanvello” freshman Ellie Silvius explained. “I don’t think many students even know about it.”

Sanvello provides help for stress, anxiety, and depression through practices based on cognitive-behavior therapy, wellness and mindfulness. 

After hearing more about it, Silvius stated, “It sounds like a really great resource. That’s great the University has that available for students.”

Some of its features include mood and health tracking, therapy sessions, meditation, peer support through open discussion, coaching and coping tools. The app was shown to decrease symptoms of those with mild to moderate anxiety and depression in a randomized study of 500 adults over the course of 30 days. 

“I will look more into it for sure,” Silvius said. “It seems to have some helpful features and strong research behind it. I think all students should definitely check this out.”

Sanvello can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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