‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘Boom Goes the Dynamite’

Sunday, Feb. 24-

This week’s episode of “Scandal” continues the explosive drama that follows the intense and elusive relationships among professional crisis manager Olivia Pope, the president of the United States, and the cases taken on by her firm. Though the story has waded deeper into ominous waters throughout this second season, new viewers can pick up the story quickly and follow along with star Kerry Washington and the rest of the cast in this mind-bending series.

In this episode, Olivia Pope and her team dives into a new crisis case, involving a powerful political family whose mysterious son, with a problematic love life, is striving to be elected as governor with Pope’s help. As she and her team concoct a “perfect” marriage for the young Congressman, David Rosen’s case thickens.

With new information on Albatross emerging, Pope & Associates begin digging deeper toward an ultimate answer on the mysterious framed murder of a journalist with inside information. David Rosen feels as if someone is following him and discovers there are more answers lurking around corner in the high school where he works.

Meanwhile in the White House, Fitz and the rest of the cabinet battle to resolve the delicate hostage situation that is quickly unraveling in front of their eyes through critical headlines and disturbing hostage videos. Behind the scenes, power struggle for Fitz’s good graces erupts between Mellie and Cyrus, causing new tension among the president, the first lady, and chief of staff.

On the side, Pope is finding new love in the Captain Jake Ballard who continues to persistently court her. As revealed in the last episode, Ballard has a peculiar way of keeping his eyes on Pope: through the usage of surveillance cameras throughout her home. However, new developments describe the shocking source behind these cameras, as well as Ballard’s true feelings about Pope.

As usual, the episode is packed from start to finish, only taking short breathers during jazzy musical montages that feature upbeat Motown hits and quirky one-liners. With passion and lies as an undercurrent for the political developments that are erupting on the surface, “Scandal” remains an active thriller.


-Danielle Burrage

Staff Writer

The Prowl