‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘Snake in the Grass’

Monday, April 1-

This week’s episode of “Scandal” titled, “Snake in the Grass” is another explosive episode in the series.

We start the episode involving the mystery of the mole: Osborne is after Pope after discovering the security camera photos from the dry cleaners, where the Gladiators were trailing him. Shes stunned and horrified that her team has been caught red handed and with Osborne’s USB sitting in her apartment, Liv decides to prepare herself for war.

Meanwhile, Officer Jake is up to his usual antics of security-camera-stalking Pope in her home. But his show is cut short when Osborne enters the house. The cameras suddenly lose signal, leaving Jake confused, curious and desperate to understand unheard conversation between Osborne and Pope. He ends up breaking into Pope’s apartment to search for information and finds the USB that’s full of dirt on Osborne and his relation to the mole.

Olivia Pope’s latest case involves a man five times married, two class act criminals, and one red cent. It is the daughter of Hollis Doyle (yes, the big talking, Texas energy mogul who paid for the voting rig that brought the Albatross initiative to life), who has been kidnapped and held captive for a $20 million ransom.

As Doyle’s ex-wife panics and the Gladiators watch in horror, Doyle begins guffawing at the whole situation. According to Hollis, it is just another one of Maybelle’s pathetic temper tantrums—plus she’s hooked on “pills and coke and speed”, so nothing she does ever makes any sense (or matches up with the law).  There’s no way he’s paying to set her free. He won’t “pay one red cent…”

So, it takes more than a hostage video to sway Hollis. Or a sobbing phone call pleading for aid. In fact, it takes an ear. Maybelle’s ear.  Neatly packaged and delivered to Pope’s office, it’s a shocking demand for a quicker transaction. It takes a few rounds of pleading and proof photos to fully convince Hollis of the emergency at hand, but once he sees his bloodied heiress missing her ear, he’s ready to conduct business. But turmoil comes with the territory of “fixing” and the Gladiators are facing a mystery that’s runs deeper than just a run of the mill hostage situation. It is yet another case of “evil tree, rotten apple.”

Meanwhile, drama continues to unfold in the White House. Officer Jake is up to shady work, Mellie is up to shady work, and Cyrus is up to shady work. Even Fitz, who is still moaning about his losses in love and politics while nursing his scotch, is up to shady work. With a scheming break-in, schedule switches, and a secret affair, the newly sprouted secrets in the White House are unraveling quickly.

However, the steamy romance “Scandal” is known for still finds its way into the thickening plot. While Pope is struggling to untangle herself from her affair with Fitz, Jake is worming his way through the Liv’s guard. His humor, persistence, somewhat stalker tendencies are making Pope swoon…well, kind of.

She giggles at his corny jokes, bats her eyes, and yet she still can’t bring herself to go on an actual date with him. After all these episodes have they actually gone on a real, undisturbed date? She blames it on work, stress, and whatever else she can scramble to come up with. But us viewers all know the real reason. And this episode, she finally admits it: she’s still obsessed with Fitz.

The episode ends with a shock: the death of Osborne. For now, all we know is that Officer Jake and a mysterious man named Byron are behind it, and that Osborne is being framed as the mole.

This episode of “Scandal” stirs old secrets, unveils new ones and sets the scene for the next season that is soon to come. Next season will start with a new question: Who is the mole?


-Danielle Burrage

Staff Writer

The Prowl