Seasonal Clothing Swap Promotes Sustainability

Ashley Richardson- MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

The Environmental Leadership Office hosted the Seasonal Clothing Swap in Memorial Union last Wednesday.

For the past two years, the Environmental Leadership Office has partnered with Truman’s Closet in order to promote sustainability of the environment through their Seasonal Clothing Swap event. Amy Eultgen, advisor for the Environmental Leadership Office, and Jacob Renie, the marketing coordinator of Tigers for Community Agriculture, hosted the event with various students at Memorial Student Union on March 11 and 12.

The two day event allows MU students to bring in their old clothes and swap them for clothes given by Truman’s Closet. Students are able to take as many clothes as they donate to the event, and clothes that Seasonal Clothing Swap anticipates will not be swapped the next season and are given to The Wardrobe, a non-profit corporation in Columbia, Missouri, that aims to benefit women who live at True North.

The Environmental Leadership Office aims to help MU think about the environmental impacts of re-using clothes.

“We definitely like the social aspect of the event, but we also want to throw in an educational component as well…There’s a thing in the modern world that we need to have new things all the time and buy new clothes, but recognizing the environment impacts that has, who made the clothes, how far it traveled to get to you and what kind of energy that took, and then also the material of clothing and what it took to create that and then get to the store and then get to your closet. So thinking about all of those things and just being ethical consumers and being conscience of those decisions,” said Eultgen.

Seasonal Clothing Swap event is held in the spring and the winter.

“It’s a cool way to come get clothes for free. Everyone likes new clothes, and it helps support the environment,” said Renie.

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