Photo by Bradley Davis

Gavin Curless, 23 Sports

The 4-3 Mizzou Tigers were looking for their first SEC win at against the No. 12 Kentucky Wildcats Faurot field. It was a big game for Barry Odom as well, as a win would have been in first over a ranked team as head coach Missouri. The Tigers led for most for the contest, even as the clock hit all zeros for the final time, but lost on the final play, a Terry Wilson touchdown pass on an untimed down.

The Wildcats started the game off with a field goal after a big stop by the Mizzou defense. The Tigers then tried to tie it up with a field goal of their own, but the Wildcats blocked it and took the ball for themselves. When Mizzou got the ball back the Tigers turned it up a notch with Damarea Crockett scoring the first touchdown of the night, putting the score at 7-3. Mizzou did not slow down, with Larry Rountree bringing in another Touchdown. At the end of the first half, the score was 14-3 Tigers. Mizzou looked in control.

The second half was an entirely different story for the Tigers. The 3rd quarter was a back-and-forth of three-and-outs, with no one scoring. The lack of offense might have been concerning, but back and fourth three and outs for the rest of the game would have clinched the win for Mizzou. The lack of scoring continued into the 4th quarter. But with 5:18 left in the final quarter, Kentucky brought the score closer with a Lynn Bowden punt return for a touchdown, making the score 14-9. Kentucky missed the two point conversion. The Tigers went three-and-Out again, and the Wildcats got the ball back. With 1:41 left in the game and deep in their own territory, things looked good for the Tiger defense. Kentucky then began to drive down the field, and before the crowd knew it, Kentucky was sitting in the Red Zone with 15 seconds left. Terez Hall then came up big with a sack, but Kentucky gained the yards right back the next play when the Tiger defense went full prevent defense, allowing Kentucky to get to the Missouri ten. With 4 seconds left, Kentucky took a shot in the end zone. It was incomplete. The game looked to be complete and it looked like the Tigers escaped a scare. But then a yellow flag appeared, and an arguably questionable defensive pass interference call gave the Wildcats another chance. The Wildcats took this chance, scored a touchdown, and won the game.

The Tiger offense looked atrocious in the second half, not gaining a single first down. The Mizzou defense, however, looked much improved from last Saturday’s bout with the Memphis Tigers. If the Tigers can put together a solid performance from both sides of the ball, then they could put together a solid chance at an upset in Gainesville next weekend. If not, then next Saturday could get ugly. Coach Odom was visibly distraught after the game, saying the he thought “(the Tigers) played well enough to win”. This one was a heartbreaker, but Florida awaits, and Mizzou better be ready for the No. 13 team in the nation.