By Nyoko Morgan, MUTV-23 News Reporter

COLUMBIA- Early registration is now underway for students at the University of Missouri for the upcoming Spring 2021 semester. Early registration opened up Wednesday, Oct. 28 and remains open until Friday, Nov. 20. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this semester has looked quite different than past semesters as students were faced with a combination of in-person and online classes. With the course registration season underway and the threat of the virus still looming, we asked students about their thoughts and concerns regarding registration for the upcoming semester.

Freshman Bina Gallagher stated that, “They do not make it easy and resources are hard to access/locate.” Another freshman mentioned that they “have no idea what classes to take.”

When asked if students were returning to campus for the spring semester,  44.4% who submitted responses via a Google form said they would be returning and have a combination of both in-person and online classes. 

All eyes will be looking towards the administration’s plans for implementing safety and social-distancing procedures for this next semester. Until then, students can plan classes using the MySchedulePlanner tool on MyZou which enables students to look for schedules that best fit their needs and pre-save/enroll in their courses by adding it to the shopping cart. 

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