Secret Menus A Myth After All

By: Julia Nixon, E23 Reporter

Being given the assignment to try your favorite restaurant’s secret items is any girl’s dream. This past week I was given the task to visit some of Mizzou’s most popular restaurants, and discover what secret creations they have to offer. I started off early Wednesday morning and with temperatures horribly low I decided it was a perfect opportunity to check out Starbucks, the basic girl’s heaven. Much to my shock I was told by an employee that Starbucks, “actually doesn’t have a secret menu, it’s really just a variation of things already for sale.” Haley, a 4-year worker at Starbucks also told me how frustrating it could get for baristas when people ask for things they have never heard of.

Going along with fast food stops, my blood type is Taco Bell positive. When I was told to check out T-Bell my heart skipped a beat at the thought of their possibly being something I had never tried. I pulled up in my car full of mutually excited friends, and you can only imagine the sadness we all felt when we were told that similarly to Starbucks, Taco Bell does not have a secret menu.

With a little less pep in our step we headed off to Chipotle, and would you be shocked if I told you they have the most elaborate and incredible secret menu? Well I’m sorry to inform you, there’s no such thing.

After stopping by a couple beloved, local restaurants throughout Columbia, including a couple pizza places and donut shops, I was told time after time there was no secret vault of hidden delicious creations. I realized that the idea of a secret menu must just be too good to be true. Many of the places told me you can alter items, adding or removing sauces, or get things extra crispy, but to me that’s not a secret, that’s just messing with perfection.

So, with all of my searching and disappointment I’ve come to know that secret menus are a myth, and a cruel joke people on Reddit or Pinterest probably created to play with the heart strings of our stomachs.