Self-Titled Album: Fetty Wap

By: Amanda Rhim

From amateur turned overnight hip-hop sensation, hip-hop/R&B singer Fetty Wap recently released his debut self-titled album Fetty Wap on Sept. 25. The 25-year old emerged in the music industry in 2011 as a songwriter but did not jumpstart his career until 2014’s ever defining hit “Trap Queen.” This recognition skyrocketed his career and even led him to a platinum record for his debut mix tape.

Wap’s deluxe album Fetty Wap includes 20 feel-good songs that leave an inevitable feeling of satisfaction. This song package will get trapped in your head all day with its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics. You can easily pick up lyrics to most of the songs, as he has familiar phrases such as 1738, squad and yeah baby scattered throughout the album. This album is not your typical rap/hip-hop aesthetic. While Wap does rap/sing about typical rap clichés such as women, money, and partying, he also includes a mix of romantic infatuation and storytelling.

“Again” is Wap’s second hit single and captures the hopeless romantic aspect of the album. In the song, he pleads over a lost love, stating he will change his lifestyle for her. This song gives listeners romantic satisfaction along with an upbeat vibe. While this song may lack a realistic concept, Wap’s unique voice and lyrics are addictive. “My Way” is proof Wap is no one hit wonder. This song displays his baritone voice with a alluring hook. “My Way” achieves a blend of modern romance and trap-vibe. However, many critics complain the Drake version of this song, rather than the Monty version, should have been on the album to cater to a larger, more mainstream audience. “679” is the perfect hype song. Whether you are hanging out with friends, at the gym, or simply cleaning your room, this song creates your own fun, energetic environment. Although the song may lack depth, “679” is universally fueling. “Rewind” demonstrates Wap’s ability to serenade listeners. Its lyrics reminisce about a past love while also describing the unbelievable sensation you feel with that special person. Wap reveals his soft side while simultaneously staying true to his signature trap-style.

There is no higher concept for this album other than to get the listeners’ heads bopping and to have a good time. Critics may note that most of the album’s songs are static and sound undoubtably similar to each other. However, this album excretes originality. Wap is the type of singer/rapper whose single goal is to make entertaining music that inspires the younger generation. Wap commented in a Rolling Stone article, “Even if the album don’t go anywhere, that doesn’t mean nothing to me. I did what most people said I wouldn’t do. And I overcame, I guess you could say, a lot of rookie boundaries. I just shot past what a lot of people expected.” With his debut self-titled album Fetty Wap, Wap certainly proves he is no one hit wonder and is exactly what the hip-hop/R&B industry needs.

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