Show Me Respect Works Toward Making MU a Better Place

Brett Torrence- MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Show Me Respect welcomed both students and faculty for the discussion of creating a better experience at MU.

Show Me Respect originated at MU with the goal of making the university a happier and healthier place. The organization is led by Noel English, who uses the program to raise awareness on subjects such a civility and bullying, asking the student body and staff to take action.

The organization frequently has events around campus to get their message to the MU populace. Last April they put on a free screening of the documentary “Bully” to increase awareness on harassment.

More recently they held an event in the Civil Conversations Series, where professors, alumni, and students came together and discussed their ideas on actions in the classroom and how students and their teachers should communicate with one another.

“The main goal was just to help students and faculty talk about common issues that happen in the classroom or other academic contexts, so they could better understand where each other was coming from.” said Tyler Levsen, a facilitator for Show Me Respect.

Later in November they plan to have a speaker come to MU to discuss civility, and they are also planning on holding another discussion sometime next semester. Keep an eye out for Show Me Respect as they continue to spread their message across campus with the use of buttons, activities, and other future events.

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