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23News brings you top headlines, covering issues and events around Mizzou, Columbia and Mid-Missouri. 23 News highlights MU organizations and activities and hosts debates between politically affiliated student organizations.


MUTV Entertainment Department Manager Brian Woods
E23 Executive Director Princess Bryant
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E23 is Mizzou’s arts and entertainment hub, covering all campus and Columbia events. From up-and-coming music artists to campus activities, E23 will keep you in the know on everything arts and entertainment at Mizzou!

Table Talk

Table Talk is our in-depth dives into pop culture, games, movies, and all things worth talking about.



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Tailgaters is a show for the modern sports fan, involving them in the hottest sports topics and even pop culture. The show features many fan favorite games and spotlights different analysts sharing their sports knowledge.

This Week in 23 Sports

This Week in 23Sports recaps the biggest Mizzou games, players and sporting events from the previous week, and also previews upcoming Tiger games and other featured sporting events in Columbia.

Triple Play

Triple Play is MUTV’s most watched game show. Consisting of three rounds of sports based trivia questions, the show offers sports gurus a chance to show their stuff. Want to be on the show? Contact us @23SportsMUTV