MU Women’s Center and WGST host Women’s History Month discussion, “Final Girl Friday”

By Lexi Zambrzycki, MUTV-23 News Reporter COLUMBIA, Mo. – On Friday, March 19, the University of Missouri Women’s Center and Women and Gender Studies hosted a Zoom discussion in honor of Women’s History Month called “Final Girl Friday”.    The discussion entailed talks with MU instructors about horror films and how certain films contain a […]

Noir Mizzou’s Black and Brown business empowerment

By Savannah Taffe, MUTV-23 News Reporter   Graduation doesn’t mean the end, and it also doesn’t hinder the relationship that has been established between Mizzou and its Black and brown graduates. Mizzou’s Black Alumni Network supports all Black and brown graduates as they embark upon the real world.  Under Mizzou’s Black Alumni Network, an event […]

Africana Womanism: A discussion with Dr. Clenora Hudson-Weems

By Meghan Lee, MUTV-23 News Reporter   Columbia, Mo. – The Mizzou Freshman Action Team hosted a discussion last Thursday on Africana Womanism with Dr. Clenora Hudson-Weems. Mizzou FAT, a branch of The Legion of Black Collegians, held the event over Zoom.  Dr. Hudson-Weems is an English Professor at the University of Missouri and has […]

Mizzou Giving Day, annual 24-hour charitable campaign, will be hosted March 10-11

By Lexi Zambrzycki, MUTV-23 News reporter   Mizzou Giving Day is an event hosted every year on campus to bring the MU community together through giving and charitable donations from Mizzou alumni or other donors. This event is aimed towards bringing in donations or gifts that can help MU and their students grow and succeed.  […]

Pandemic Perspectives: A variety of views on the upcoming fall semester

By Archer Cole, MUTV-23 News Reporter   COLUMBIA – Early Registration is just around the corner, and it looks like the University of Missouri is planning on a return to normalcy after two years of adapting to and regulating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  Students registering for their new classes will certainly discover the campus’s plans […]

MizzouThon, the largest philanthropy at MU, plans to host “FT5K” fundraiser March 6-13

By Lexi Zambrzycki, MUTV-23 News reporter   COLUMBIA- MizzouThon is the largest philanthropic organization at MU, and since 2008, it has raised over $1.6 million for pediatric patients at the MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Throughout each academic year, MizzouThon hosts different fundraising events like Tommy’s Tee Ball Tournament, Family Events, FT5K and Main Event.  […]

Teaching Children Body Positivity

By Dominique Hodge, MUTV-23 News reporter   COLUMBIA – MU’s Women Center had a series of workshops for “Love Your Body Week” that consisted of open discussions about weight bias, radical body positivity and more. Dr. Ramseyer Winter led a discussion about how to teach children body positivity and the importance of this knowledge on […]

Tiger Tutors offers free tutoring to MU Students

By Sigi Ris, MUTV-23 News reporter   COLUMBIA – Tiger Tutors is an on-campus service that offers free tutoring to MU students, more specifically undergraduate students. Tutoring takes place on Zoom this semester due to the pandemic. Tutor and MU senior Evie Stone describes Tiger Tutors as an open help session where students can get […]

MIZMUN Takes On Midwest Conference

By Emma Reiser, MUTV-23 News reporter   From Feb. 18 through Feb. 20,  Mizzou’s Model United Nations team attended MidwestMUN, a virtually held Model UN conference. MIZMUN successfully left the conference with one award and four honorable mentions.  Conference attendee and Model UN Treasurer Michael Warner explains what members do in Model UN. “Basically, Model […]

The oldest contest in photojournalism is underway through the Missouri School of Journalism

By Eleanor Sheahan, MUTV-23 News reporter   On Feb. 16, judges began critiquing the longest annual photojournalism contest, Pictures of the Year (POY). For the next several weeks moderates will review hundreds of images and photo projects. On March 7 the voting will conclude and the constants will have the resulting they have been waiting […]

Black Honors Student Association: Creating a new space in a familiar place

By Tierra Allen, MUTV-23 News reporter   COLUMBIA- The Black Honors Student Association is a new student organization at the University of Missouri-Columbia where Black honors students can get together and share their experiences of being in the Mizzou Honors College.  Nia Martin, the founder of BHSA and a junior at Mizzou, is majoring in […]

MU Wellness Center sponsors pickup for sexual health products

By Archer Cole, MUTV-23 News Reporter   COLUMBIA – The University of Missouri Wellness Center, located on the ground floor of the MU Student Center (G202), is having a pickup for sexual health products from Feb. 8 to Feb. 15. It hosts a virtual location for all Mizzou students to fill out a form to […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With CAPB

By Nyoko Morgan, MUTV-23 News Reporter   COLUMBIA – Have you been struck by Cupid’s arrow? Cupid and members of the Campus Activities Programming Board have spent the past week working diligently to sprinkle some love around campus for MU students. Every week on Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., CAPB members […]

Stitched by MN

By Emma Reiser, MUTV-23 News reporter   Many can attest that last year was a year of change, and while tough times can pull the worst from people, they can also show the best. Maya Johnson is a junior at the University of Missouri who took a quarantine hobby – and turned it into a […]

Missouri School of Medicine grants students access to the “Black Men In White Coats” documentary

By Eleanor Sheahan, MUTV-23 News reporter   The University of Missouri School of Medicine and Office of Diversity and Inclusion is sponsoring a special screening of “Black Men in White Coats.” Starting February 12th, students enrolled at Mizzou have the opportunity to watch the film.  This documentary identifies and discusses different diversity issues in medical professions. […]