Video Highlights

23 News April 24 Show

Rachel Schwartz and Jake Mosher tell us how the city will be implementing medical marijuana facilities and gives us a close look at Tap Day. 23 News April 24 Show from MUTV on Vimeo.

23 News April 10 Show

Jake Mosher and Rachel Schwartz show us an effort to increase sustainability on campus, a day long dance party, and a crafting event at the student center. 23 News April 10 Show from MUTV on Vimeo.

23 News April 3 Show

23 News April 3 Show from MUTV on Vimeo. Rhaea Lehman and Mimi Kuroiwa bring us back into the home stretch of the semester by explaining a new Missouri abortion law, and recounting an unusual police encounter.

23 News March 20 Show

23 News March 20 Show from MUTV on Vimeo. Isabella Ledonne and Rachel Schwartz take us through some lucid visions as well as a look into a movement for body positivity on campus.

23 News March 13

Jake Mosher and Marcos Vasquez give us some insight into Mizzou Alternative Breaks, and a look into what makes Columbia a great place to live. 23 News March 13 Show from MUTV on Vimeo.

23 News Show March 6

23 News anchors Isabella Ledonne and Shannon Wallace shed new light on ways MU is looking to save students money, as well as reminding the viewers to keep an eye out for the results of the MSA elections. (more…)

23 News February 27 Show

February 27 Show from MUTV on Vimeo. Courtney Risner and Rhaea Lehman explore the recipients of a high honor, a suspicious message from an MSA slate, while Shannon Wallace breaks down the signals from the recent MSA debate.

MSA Presidential Elections: Sutterer/O’Brien slate

Isabella Ledonne: Can you tell me more about the platform you are running on for the 2019 MSA Election? Jennifer Sutterer: We wanted to create a platform that’s inclusive and is aimed at solving a lot of problems on Mizzou’s campus, whether it be in Greek Life, other groups etc. A main point of our […]

MSA Presidential Elections: Davis/Dinwiddie slate

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article had misspelled vice presidential candidate Bri Dinwiddie’s name. We have made a correction to reflect the correct spelling of the candidate’s name. We sincerely apologize for the error. Rachel Schwartz: Good evening. My name is Rachel Schwartz and I am here with Solomon Davis and Bri Dinwiddie who […]

February 20 Show

Isabella Ladonne and Rachel Schwartz interview the two slates for MSA president and vice president, and explore new problems with Campus Dining Services. (more…)