Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood Review

By Tommy Gleason Rating: 7.1/10 A simple, nostalgic journey through the 1960s. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood uses animation and narration to tell a compelling story that is as relevant now as in the space age. The film follows one day dreaming kid gazing up toward NASA’s mission to the moon, as he […]

After Yang Review

By: Tommy Gleason Rating: 6.3/10 A slow, sociological film whose experimental cinematography provides a thoughtful filmatic experience building to a weak payoff.  After Yang is set in a futuristic time where people can make clones or buy robots to build their families. The story begins when one family’s robot, Yang (Justin H. Min), mysteriously stops […]

Abbott Elementary Review

By: Cydnee Dotson Score: 10/10  ABC’s newest hit workplace comedy Abbott Elementary is a breath of fresh air to watch in 2022. The show is created by – as well as stars – former Buzzfeed comedian Quinta Brunson. Alongside Brunson also stars Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tyler James Williams, Lisa Ann Walter, Chris Perfetti, and Janelle […]

The Book of Boba Fett Critique

By: Daniel Laney Hello, Mizzou! This is Daniel Laney with MUTV Entertainment news. On February 9th, Disney+ wrapped up this season of their latest Star Wars show, The Book of Boba Fett. It’s essentially an interlude to their hit series The Mandalorian, but the audience and critics alike found this show to be not up […]

The Batman: Movie Review

By: Tommy Gleason Rating: 9/10 What sleeps in a cave  and only at night is brave?  A bat.  The Batman garnered the third best Monday at the box office during the pandemic and for good reason. It is a technical masterpiece and a cinematic experience unlike any film in recent years.  The story unfolds like […]

Space Force Season 2 Review

By: Tommy Gleason Rating: 6/10 Budget cuts, love and foreign adversaries. That is the story of Space Force season two. The seven episode follow-up to Space Force provides a deeper emotional story, but lacks substantial humor. This season opens at the cliffhanger of season one. General Naird (Steve Carell) is under investigation by the Secretary […]

The Tinder Swindler Review

By: Tommy Gleason Rating: 7/10 “I want to ask you a favor.” Seven fateful words that dragged innocent women into a ponzi scheme of love. That is the story behind Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler. The documentary, released in February 2022, explores how one Israeli man conned women into giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

E-23: 3/8/21

E23’s Alana Hayes and Kyli Williams discuss Da Baby dissing JoJo Siwa, Meek Mill writes an off-color lyric about the late Kobe Bryant, and more! (more…)

2020 Fall Semester Segments

These are the segments E23 produced in the fall semester of 2020. Everyone’s a Critic: “The Boys in the Band” October 10, 2020: E23’s Ryan Cohen gives his review of the Netflix drama.   Music Moment: Nicki Minaj Remixes, Upcoming Albums, The Best Flows of All Time, and More October 23, 2020: E23 Staffer Alana […]

E23’s Streaming Guide for the Holidays

E23’s Streaming Guide for the Holidays

Written by Megan O’Leary, E23 Staffer It is finally the holiday season. With the colder months approaching, now is the perfect time to cozy inside with a lighthearted Christmas movie. In order to lighten the spirit of the holidays in a time of uncertainty, here is a guide to the old and new seasonal obsessions. […]

The 25 Best Horror Movie Openings of All Time

The 25 Best Horror Movie Openings of All Time

Written by Zack Hohenstein, MUTV Digital Director   We are well into spooky season now, friends. The leaves crackle under your shoes and the autumn winds send chills down your spine. The decorations in your neighbors’ yards range from those harmless, happy scarecrows to the terrifying goblins and ghouls that spring to life if you […]

Top 25 Superhero Movie Villains of All Time

Top 25 Superhero Movie Villains of All Time

Written by Zack Hohenstein, E23 Digital Director “I firmly believe that a story is only as good as the villain.”  – Clive Barker Everyone loves a hero. As audience members, we’re drawn to the charisma of an Iron Man. We’re inspired by Captain America’s leadership. Batman’s gothic presence is engrossing. I’m partial to Star-Lord’s sophomoric […]

E23: March 5, 2020

These are the segments produced by E23 on March 5th, 2020. Everyone’s a Critic: The Invisible Man E23’s Francisco Meléndez is here with his review of Blumhouse’s new horror film “The Invisible Man” in this edition of Everyone’s a Critic.

E23: February 27, 2020

These are the segments produced by E23 on February 27, 2020. Pop Takez: The Career of Taylor Swift E23’s Paige Shelley & Nicole Harrington debate on whether or not highly successful pop superstar Taylor Swift is good in this edition of Pop Takez! Pop Culture Rewind: Favorite Pixar Movies E23’s Francisco Meléndez & Nicole Harrington […]

E23: February 20, 2020

These are the segments produced by E23 on February 20, 2020 Gamers Cube: Fire Emblem DLC E23’s Brian Woods is back to discuss “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” in this edition of Gamers Cube. The Coronavirus and the Film Industry E23’s Francisco Meléndez is here to discuss the effect that the coronavirus has had on the […]