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E23: November 8, 2018

E23 – November 8, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 has a special Citizen Jane episode where Hosts Jewell Simone and Rachel Schwartz lead us to our E23 reporters who covered this year’s film festival and it’s content! First up, we have Zack Hohenstein, bringing you a short review for a short film called “Are […]

Table Talk: November 9, 2018

Table Talk: November 9, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. Table Talk returns as Host Jewell Simone and Fact Checker Rachel Schwartz interview Brad Menke and Austin Brown — members of Mizzou’s biggest group of professional hype men and sports team motivators, “The Antlers”! Discover their history, shenanigans, and what drives them to be as “passionate” […]

E23: November 1, 2018

E23- Nov. 1, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 has an incredible show this week, led by hosts Jacqueline Lemp and Megan Rubenstein. Jewell Samone leads us through some interesting pop culture Headlines, where we learn about the growing possibility of a reboot/revival of “The Office”, why Megan Kelly’s controversial statements have her OFF “The […]

E23: October 25, 2018

E23 – October 25, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. E23’s Halloween show is here! Decked out in costumes, Kelsi Southard and Brian Woods take us to this week’s Headlines, where Jacqueline Lemp tells us about the true star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s new Netflix series, while also sharing some creepy new technological advancements and […]

Table Talk: October 19, 2018

Table Talk: October 19, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. Table Talk is back with it’s first show of the year and a brand new host! Host Jewell Simone and Fact Checker Rachel Schwartz bring bring an excellent show with the CEO of Sweet Tea Cosmetics, Teanna Bass! They discuss the wide range of cosmetics collections […]

E23: October 18, 2018

E23: October 18, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 comes at you with a great show, hosted by the duo of Zack Hohenstein and Brian Woods! They lead us through the hottest entertainment news of the week! Kelsi Southard and Jake Mosher address the the talk around the “Fattest Bear” competition, an absolutely out of […]

E23: October 11, 2018

E23: October 11, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 is BACK with hosts Brian Woods and Rachel Schwartz as they cover the week’s hottest entertainment news! Jake Mosher returns with the latest headlines — addressing the surprising aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s trial, Iggy Azalea saddening tour status, and the start of the world’s newest — […]

E23: October 4th, 2019

E23: October 4th, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. Hosts Jacqueline Lemp and Kelsi Southard lead us through another week’s show of E23! Emma Bennett addresses Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony on sexual assault allegations, both Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s big mistakes, and even more controversial statements from Kanye West, as he appeared on this past weekend’s […]

E23: September 27, 2018

E23: September 27, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. Hosts Megan Rubenstein and Francisco Melendez take us through the latest entertainment news on the scene! Jake Mosher brings us the wildest headlines with scandals involving mexican food, the newest DC movie announced and drug smuggling through… bananas?! E23 Reporter Jaqueline Lemp brings both in-depth look at […]

E23 – September 20th, 2018

E23 – September 20th, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. Hosted by Brian Woods and Jacob Mosher, this week’s E23 tackles NEW Pop Culture headlines, movies, events, and more! Jewell Simone discusses the speculation behind Drake and new rumored beau, Bella Harris, Rihanna’s latest event for charity and future plans and Ariana Grande’s long awaited response […]

E23 September 13th, 2018

E23 – September 13, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo. MUTV E23 returns, hosted this week by Brooke Knappenberger and Megan Rubenstein! Jacqueline Lemp reports on the major headlines, including the rising tension between rap artists Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, The Trump Administration’s decision that could possibly harm the environment, and rapper Kanye West’s brand […]

E23: April 26, 2018 (J. Cole and One Direction)

Join us for our final show of the year, featuring all of our 2017-2018 execs! Hosts Jacob Douglas and Sam Mosher, outgoing executive producer and digital director, respectively, are wowed by the concepts of music and concerts. Our resident North Carolina native, Rachel Zalucki, reviews J. Cole’s newest album on Spare the Skip. Staffers Michael […]

E23- April 19, 2018 (Infinity War and Spring Fashion)

Hosted by Lucy Reis and Brooke Knappenberger, this week’s E23 tackles movies, fashion and more! John Messer discusses the battle royale shooters that are taking over the video game industry, the new DC movie spearheaded by Steven Spielberg and the rumors swirling around Billy Joel’s possible tenth album. Then, Savannah Ritzen and Brooke Knappenberger show […]

E23: April 12, 2018 (Greg Miller and “A Quiet Place”)

This week on E23, Josie Clark reviews the new horror film “A Quiet Place” and John Messer talks about Jimmy Kimmel and Chappaquiddick. Brian Woods interviews Greg Miller, MU alumnus and YouTuber from Kinda Funny, about how his education at the Missouri School of Journalism helped him with his career. Reporter Rachel Zalucki shows viewers […]

E23- March 22, 2018 (Bill Nye and “Queer Eye”)

This week on E23, resident film critic Bryce Cross breaks down the new “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer and tells viewers his top five moments from it. Savannah Ritzen checks out Bill Nye’s speech at Jesse Auditorium. Caitlin Brenner tells viewers about the new “Tomb Raider” movie and how it mimics parts of the video game […]

E23- March 15, 2018 (Quinn XCII and Bad Movies)

This week on E23, Hal Robison and Rachel Zalucki tell viewers the latest on Mizzou’s MSA, deleting tweets and Donald Trump. Josie Clark counts down the top five worst movies of all time. Resident movie critics Josie Clark and Caitlin Brenner debate the worst movies in each film genre. John Messer gives his take on […]

E23’s Table Talk- March 11, 2018 (Musician Sammy Elfanbaum)

In this week’s Table Talk, host Josie Clark talks to musician Sammy Elfanbaum about his upcoming debut album, what inspires him to make music and who he is influenced by. Then, Elfanbaum performs two songs from “mazes,” his debut album that will release on March 21. Table Talk:March 11, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23: March 8, 2018 (True/False)

This week on E23, we cover True/False Film Fest, the Oscars and more! John Messer parodies the news from the Oscars and True False Film Fest. Josie Clark gives audiences a rundown of the top five reasons to go to True/False Film Fest. Resident film critic Rachel Zalucki discusses True/False film “Flight of a Bullet” […]

E23’s Table Talk- March 5, 2018

In this week’s Table Talk, host Josie Clark is joined by Vox movie critic Cameron Flatt and E23’s resident movie critic Rachel Zalucki to discuss the politics around the 2018 Academy Awards, if their predictions were right and who was snubbed from taking home an Oscar. Table Talk: March 5, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23: March 1, 2018

This week on E23, John Messer reports on the major headlines of the week including the movie “Black Panther,” Elon Musk’s latest space adventure and Donald Trump’s stance on gun control. Resident movie critic Michael Donelan gives viewers his review of Alex Garland’s latest film “Annihilation.” Janelle Finch and Savannah Ritzen attend Mizzou After Dark’s […]

E23’s Table Talk- February 25, 2018

On this week’s Table Talk, host Josie Clark sits down with guests Bryce Cross, Marcelesce Cooper and Nathan Wright to talk about the rise of black-led movies like “Black Panther,” inspirational celebrities, the importance of seeing your race represented in media and more for Black History Month. Table Talk: February 25, 2018 from MUTV on […]

E23- February 22, 2018

This week on E23, Caitlin Brenner gives us the rundown on Columbia’s Portugal the Man concert. On this week’s edition of Everyone’s a Critic, reporter Michael Donelan tells us what to expect from “Incredibles 2” based on its newest trailer. E23’s Brooke Knappenberger and Josie Clark talk about their favorite and least favorite looks during […]

E23’s Table Talk- February 18, 2018

This week on Table Talk, host Josie Clark talks with MU Tonight director and head writer Elmer Guardado about his show, the writing process and how MU Tonight has grown since it began in 2016. Later, the two are joined by Caitlin Brenner to talk about the importance of late night talk shows. Table Talk: […]

E23- February 15, 2018

This week on E23, Rachel Zalucki talks about the Winter Olympics, President Trump and Valentine’s Day. E23’s private investigator Brooke Knappenberger locks down rumors about Kylie Jenner’s baby, a possible Office reunion show and a Spice Girl reunion. John Messer sits down with rapper NicDanger to talk about the artist’s career, influences and preferred superpower. […]

E23- February 8, 2018

This week on E23, Brooke Knappenberger and Hal Robison discuss the commercials that were successful and those that flopped during the 2018 Super Bowl. Reporters Michael Donelan and Josie Clark talk about the top news stories including the Super Bowl commercials, Kylie Jenner’s new baby and why Prince fans are upset with Justin Timberlake. Resident […]

E23’s Table Talk- February 4, 2018

Host Josie Clark brings on guests KCOU DJ Trina, E23 Digital Director Sam Mosher and fact checker Jacob Douglas to talk about the movies, TV shows and music coming up in 2018. Topics include “Ocean’s 8,” Kanye West, the new season of “Westworld” and more. Table Talk: February 4, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- February 1, 2018

This week on E23, Airyanna Hines and Zoe Romyn talk John Legend’s new Japanese toilets, Trump’s Davos interview and Lil Uzi Vert’s fashion choices. Resident movie critic Michael Donelan introduces us to some of the 2018 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actress. E23’s Hanna Nielsen and Josie Clark talk the Grammy’s red […]

E23’s Table Talk- January 28, 2018

This week on Table Talk, host Josie Clark and fact checker Caitlyn Brenner bring on panelists Rachel Zulucki and Vox film critic Cameron Flatt to talk about the Oscars: snubs, who they think will win and the politics around the Oscars. Table Talk: January 28, 2018 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- January 25, 2018

This week on E23, John Messer and Bryce Cross debate the flaws, best parts and reviews of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. E23 reporter Bryce Cross gives a rundown of 2017’s best movies and Michael Donelan talks government shutdowns, tapeworms and Stormy Daniels. Meanwhile, Emerson Davis shows us how to get back in the swing […]

E23- December 7, 2017

This week on E23, Josie Clark and Caitlin Brenner give an update on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, how Melania Trump has decorated the White House and more. Resident Star Wars expert Michael Donelan tells us what we need to know before the release of  “The Last Jedi.” Bryce Cross gives a breakdown of the new […]

E23’s Table Talk- December 3, 2017

In this week’s Table Talk, host Josie Clark is joined by panelists Michael Donelan and Caitlyn Brenner with fact checker John Messer and special guest singer Ian Teoh. They talk about their favorite holiday movies, songs and the best college gift ideas. Table Talk: December 3, 2017 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- November 16, 2017

This week on E23, Josie Clark talks Trump’s latest tweets, how Cards Against Humanity is saving America and why people are throwing out their coffee machines. E23’s John Messer talks about first-person shooter “Doom” and its Switch port. E23’s resident DC and Marvel fans Josie Clark and Matt Luke battle it out over which is […]

E23’s Table Talk- November 12, 2017

On this week’s Table Talk, host Josie Clark is joined by panelists Caitlin Brenner and Janelle Finch and fact checker Sam Mosher to talk about women in media. Table Talk: November 12, 2017 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23’s Table Talk- November 5, 2017

In this week’s episode of Table Talk, guest host John Messer talks with Sam Mosher, Nnamdi Egwuonwu and Noah McGee. They dive into the topics of MU’s NABJ, the recent prominence of black culture in mainstream media and diversity versus tokenism in Hollywood. Table Talk: November 5, 2017 from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- November 2, 2017

This week on E23, Brooke Knappenberger talks with Sustain Mizzou president Megan Tyminski about sustainability and sustainable clothes. Caitlin Brenner dishes out the details on the new characters in “Stranger Things 2.” Resident movie critics Jonathon Potochnic and Bryce Cross share their favorite movies from the Citizen Jane Film Festival and Skyler Navarro checks out […]

E23- October 27, 2017

This week on E23, Headlines reporter Michael Donelan talks Melania Trump conspiracies, cyberbullying, and Stranger Things. Ashley and Brooke plan Halloween costumes on Coffee and Couture. Caitlin Brenner and Josie Clark battle it out on this week’s Pop Takes on which type of Halloween movies is the best. We ask tigers on the street which […]

E23- October 19, 2017

This week on E23, headlines reporter Mitch Soell talks movies, Obama’s comeback and the world of sports. John Messer and Rachel Zalucki examine the new Justice League trailer. Josie Clark breaks down Beck’s new album “Colors” and goes in-depth with each song. Joseph Hernandez gets to the bottom of Mizzou’s Hackathon and 23News’ Mawa Iqabal […]

E23- October 12, 2017

This week on E23, Josie Clark talks about the top five worst tattoos. Resident pop culture expert John Messer talks about the rise of the VHS. Michael Donelan talks Trump, Pence, and sexual assault scandals. Ashley Sheppard goes to MIzzou After Darks’ Coffee and Canvas and our tigers show off the hottest looks this fall. […]

E23- October 5, 2017

This week on E23, Josie Clark brings up the celebrity rule of three, Donald Trump’s golfing habits and more. Resident gaming expert John Messer talks about Nintendo and how the company saved home gaming consoles in North America. Bryce Cross talks about the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. We hit the streets to ask […]

E23- September 28, 2017

This week on E23, Ashley Jones talks about the NFL kneeling during the National Anthem, Trump’s White House invitation and Steph Curry’s rejection during Headlines. Resident music critic Deja Blue lets you know why you should Spare the Skip with Zara Larson’s new album “So Good”. John Messer gives insight on the new Kingsman movie […]

E23- September 21, 2017

On this week’s E23, Caitlin Brenner talks about Sean Spicer’s appearance at the Emmy’s, Chance the Rapper and more. John Messer explains the video game crash of 1983, including Atari’s meteoric rise and fall on Pop Culture Rewind. Josie Clark lets us in on the top 5 moments at the Emmy’s. We ask some tigers […]

E23- September 14, 2017

This week on E23, John Messer talks about Hurricane Irma, John Woo and Snoop Dogg’s Columbia concert. Josie Clark lets us in on the top five Taylor Swift’s “that are dead”. Bryce Cross and Nathan Ford talk about their most anticipated fall games of 2017 including Super Mario Odyssey, FIFA 18, NHL 18 and more. […]

E23’s Table Talk- April 30, 2017

This week on E23’s Table Talk interim host Sam Mosher moderates a series of debates between executive producer Nnamdi Egwuonwu and technical producer Davis McCondichie in the final episode of this season of Table Talk. The debates include X-Men movies, awards shows, and James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

E23- April 27, 2017

On this week’s E23, Africa Baker and Nnamdi Egwuonwu deliver the latest news on Fox News, the Trump family and Kendrick Lamar. Cameron Flatt gives us his most anticipated movies for the summer of 2017. Davis McCondichie explains why “Casablanca” is considered one of the greatest films of all time. E23 reporter Ian Teoh sits […]

E23’s Table Talk- April 23, 2017

This week on E23’s Table Talk interim host Nnamdi Egwuonwu is joined by resident pop culture expert Lanitta Collier, fashion stylist Taylor Jancetic, and MUTV assistant general manager Lauren Magarino to discuss the latest trends in fashion, including the resurgence of ’90s looks. The panelists also review the outfits worn by host Jacob Douglas.

E23- April 20, 2017

On this week’s E23, Destinee Patterson gives us the latest news in the entertainment industry, including Bella Thorne’s new show, the Coachella music festival and Bill Nye’s Netflix series. Cameron Flatt shares his thoughts on the newest entry in the Fast and Furious franchise. Nnamdi Egwuonwu raves about the newest album from rapper Kendrick Lamar. […]

E23’s Table Talk- April 9, 2017

This week on E23’s Table Talk Nnamdi Egwuonwu starts off as host and is joined by E23’s Bailey Pierson and resident pop culture expert Lanitta Collier to talk about recent controversies in the media. Jacob Douglas returns as host later in the show and is joined by E23’s Cameron Flatt, Ian Tech and Davis McCondichie […]

E23- April 13, 2017

On this week’s E23, Destinee Patterson reports on the latest entertainment news. Beyoncé and Rihanna have long reigned as queens of pop music. Which artist is better? Matt Luke weighs in on the debate. Jacob Douglas shares his thoughts on the 2017 “Power Rangers” reboot. Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga broken up? Are Mel B, […]

E23- March 16, 2017

On this week’s episode of E23 Jacob Douglas and Sam Mosher talked about their favorite video game character’s fashion in this installment of Coffee and Couture. Cameron Flatt talks about the five strangest facts of Disney’s new release of “Beauty and the Beast”. Destinee Patterson and Manuela Kalamboukas discuss the Nicki Minaj and Remi Ma […]

E23’s Table Talk- March 5, 2017

On this week’s episode of Table Talk host Jacob Douglas sits down with E23 executive director Davis McCondichie and resident film expert Cameron Flatt to discuss the 2017 Oscars.  

E23’s Table Talk: Feb. 26, 2017

On this episode of E23’s Table Talk, host Jacob Douglas is joined by E23 staffers Sam Mosher and Ian Teoh to discuss video games being released in 2017.

E23’s Table Talk: Feb. 19, 2017

On this episode of E23’s Table Talk, host Jacob Douglas is joined by E23 staffers Ian Teoh, residential music expert Matt Luke and executive producer Nnamdi Egwuonwu to discuss the 2017 Grammy Awards.  

E23- March 9, 2017

E23 takes a look back at the movies, fashion and art of the 2017 True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Mo. Mariah Doss and Bailey Pierson also share their thoughts on Ed Sheeran’s latest album, “Divide”. https://vimeo.com/208746072    

E23-March 2, 2017

On this week’s installment of E23 Jacob Douglas and Lucy Reis recap the 89th Annual Academy Awards, Cameron Flatt catches us up on the X-Men franchise, and Tre Warfield exposes the latest rumors of the music industry. E23 reporter and Mizzou Idol 2017 finalist Ian Teoh closes out the show with a performance of his […]

E23 – Feb. 23, 2017

This week’s episode of E23 features all things film as we look forward to the 2017 Oscars! Also, in a special edition of Spare the Skip Ian Teoh and Tre Warfield debate who is the better artist: Beyoncé or Taylor Swift? You decide! All that and more on this week’s episode of E23!  

E23’s Table Talk- Feb. 12, 2017

E23 takes addresses problems in Hollywood and the film industry in general. Resident Film Expert Cameron Flatt and E23’s Executive Director Davis McCondichie discuss issues such as the the lack of women in film production roles, trailers that give the entire plot away and the state of the Blockbuster.

E23’s Table Talk- Feb. 5, 2017

E23’s executive producer, Nnamdi Egwuonwu, and executive web director, Olivia Jacobson, join host, Jacobs Douglas, in this week’s Table Talk. They’ll be talking about expectations for 2017 in regards to music, movie and TV. 2016 was a strong year for entertainment, will 2017 be able to hold up?  

E23- Feb. 9, 2017

E23 gets ready for Valentines Day by asking Mizzou students how they plan to spend the holiday and giving tips on the do’s and don’ts if you’re single on the 14th.  We also test students knowledge of former presidents on Political Tiger Tear-Up, review upcoming artist Syd the Kyd with Spare the Skip, take a […]

E23- Feb. 2, 2017

E23 kicks of spring semester by bringing you the latest headlines on the new POTUS, looking at some hot trends for men’s fashion in the new year, and taking a deeper look into the meanings behind your favorite rock songs. Stay tuned tigers, because this is a show you won’t want to miss!

E23 Table Talk- Nov. 13, 2016

On this week’s installment of E23 Table Talk we’re talking politics. Throughout this election there was a lot of talk about the media. Which outlet handled the election best? How did the media shape this election? What will the entertainment world’s reaction to the election be going forward? What Host Jacob Douglas is joined by […]

E23’s Table Talk- Nov. 5, 2016

This week on E23’s Table Talk, host Jacob Douglas is joined by E23 executive producer Nnamdi Egwuonwu, KCOU’s Kennedy Simone and E23 reporter Emerson Davis to discuss music as a platform for politics. Should musicians use their art to make political statements? Does music reflect or shape culture? Do we have a duty to play […]

E23- Nov. 11, 2016

On this weeks episode of E23 Lucy Reis and Jacob Douglas talk about the 2016 presidential election and all that comes with it.In light if the recent release of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”, Cameron Flatt takes a look back at 2016’s super powered blockbusters. Lanitta Collier has all the tea on a “That’s so Raven” spin-off series, […]

E23’s Table Talk- Oct. 30, 2016

In the first episode of E23’s Table Talk we talk independent film. Host Jacob Douglas is joined by E23’s resident film expert Cameron Flatt, E23 staffer Maura Heiley, and independent film maker Ameera Sanders to discuss the recent trends of indie film! Part 2: https://vimeo.com/190309285

E23- Nov. 3, 2016

On this weeks episode of E23, Emmett Ferguson bring you this weeks headlines. With the election heating up, the appointment of new MU president Mun Choi, and the Cub’s winning the 2016 World Series, there’s a lot to update on. Cameron Flatt talks about what the month of November holds in regards to new movies. […]

E23- Oct. 27, 2016

It’s that time of year again, Halloween! This week on E23 we get you geared up for the holiday with all things spook-tacular! Deadpool (A.K.A. E23 reporter Cameron Flatt) brings you all the latest updates in this weeks Headlines. Addie Contreras brings some halloween flair to Countdown with a list of the top five trends […]

E23- Oct. 20, 2016

Jacob Douglas gives us this weeks headlines, Ito Amayo remembers Tommy Ford’s greatest moments on “Martin”, Ian Teoh shares his thoughts on Two Door Cinema Club’s “GameShow” and Jillian Lieby gives us the scoop on West Main Pizza²!    

E23- Oct. 13, 2016

E23 looks back on the second presidential debate, brings you the hottest fall trends, reviews the new movie “The Birth of a Nation”, and investigates the truth into some recent rumors.  

E23- Oct. 6, 2016

From top five fall clichés to the disappointment that is the fourth season of American Horror Story, E23 tells it like it is in this week’s episode. Also, Jacob Douglas digs up the dirt on some recent rumors and Adianis Contreras sits down with Mizzou student fashion blogger Marcelese Cooper to discuss his work and inspiration.

E23- Sept. 29, 2016

On this week’s episode of E23 we start the show off by taking a look back at all that has happened throughout the week. Marit Sosnoff and Sally Levine bring us up to date on everything from the “Brangelina” break up to the presidential election. Arnold Cole asked Mizzou students what their biggest pet peeve […]

E23- Sept. 22, 2016

Hosts Emerson Davis and Marit Sosnoff welcome us back for E23’s first show of the 2016-2017 school year. Jacob Douglas takes us through the week in entertainment, covering everything from the presidential campaign to The Emmys. We ask MU students about their favorite TV shows on Tiger Tearup. Oriana Rodriguez takes a look at this […]

E23- May 5, 2016

On the last E23 of the 2015-2016 school year, executive producer Lauren Magarino delivers the latest headlines on the Met Gala and the Billboard Music Awards. Incoming entertainment manager Nnamdi Egwuonwu gives some tips on how to make it through all-nighters on Countdown. Next year’s events coordinator Africa Baker sits down with the boys of […]

E23- April 28, 2016

Hosts Danielle Katz and Monica Roselli have Beyoncé puns galore after she released “Lemonade,” a new visual album. Devine Utley has some snarky headlines from the week. MU students also told E23 what “Game of Thrones” house they’d want to be in. Social media went wild after “Lemonade” came into the world, and Olivia Rivers […]

E23- April 21, 2016

E23 gives you the latest on Mizzou After Dark and MUTV’s first late night show MU Tonight along with some feel-good music for finals and summer. Many superhero movies will come out this summer, and to prepare you for the superhero costumes, Davis McCondichie and Nnamdi Egwuonwu bring you the first superhero fashion-themed Coffee and Couture. […]

E23- April 14, 2016

The LGBTQ Resource Center brings back the biannual drag show for Pride Month, KCOU holds its annual music festival and improv organizations come together from around the nation on part one of this week’s E23 show, hosted by Olivia Jacobson and Courtney Edwards. Sara Nelson shares the top five underrated party songs on Countdown. Devine […]

E23- March 24, 2016

Spring break is finally here, and E23 has the latest in Netflix recommendations in Everyone’s a Critic, fashion tips in Coffee and Couture and scheduling advice in Countdown for you to have a great vacation from the first part of the semester.

E23- March 17, 2016

E23’s Haley Broughton and Davis McCondichie highlight the latest in Columbia’s art scene and MU student’s favorite artists. Calling all who need spring break! Arielle Cadet shares tips on how to beat boredom on break. Megan Smith explains the drama with Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” and Tidal.

E23- March 10, 2016

Gosh Pith, the Motel Brothers and Grady Frazier performed in Columbia, Missouri this week. E23 has recaps of the concerts just for you and more in the first half of the show. The second half brings you the highlights of Columbia’s True/False Film Fest and an exclusive interview with award-winning filmmaker Robert Greene.

E23- March 3, 2016

On this week’s E23, Nnamdi Egwuonwu and Arielle Cadet take you through the variety of events Columbia, Missouri offered, including a masquerade ball burlesque show and a cello concert. Zach Sayer previews some of True/False Film Fest’s critically acclaimed films on Countdown, and Sara Nelson shares her disgust with “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made” on […]

E23- Feb. 25, 2016

E23’s special Oscars show hosted by Kayla Johnson and Lanitta Collier takes you through the best picture nominees, Oscar nomination snubs and a fashion blast from the past. You can also check out various panels on the Oscars and more on our YouTube channel.

E23- Feb. 18, 2016

On this edition of E23, hosts Lanitta Collier and Nnamdi Egwuonwu share how excited they are for spring even though we’re barely past the middle of February. Lindsey Wilkerson provides flawless makeup advice on Countdown, Davis McCondichie reviews box office hit “Deadpool” and Haley Broughton interviews a Mizzou Idol contestant.  

E23- Feb. 11, 2016

The Grammys are right around the corner, and E23’s special Grammys show will take you through the music, the fashion and more! Tana Kelley and Tyra Murray host with flair, Lindsey Wilkerson delivers headlines with some hilarious puns and we close out the show with a panel discussion on the nominees.

E23- Feb. 4, 2016

E23 is back and more ready than ever to guide you through the realm of entertainment. Hosts Ito Amayo and Monica Roselli take you through the first show of 2016, where Cassidy Cunnyngham counts down her best Valentine’s Day tips, Sara Nelson critiques the Best Album Grammy nominations and Kelli Goldman and Africa Baker dish […]

E23- Dec. 3, 2015

The hostesses with the most-est Mackenzie Huck and Colleen Sloyan host the last episode of the fall semester! Our very own Ian Nickens takes on this week’s headlines like a Trevor Noah Doppelganger himself. Mayela Urizar spares the skip, Korl Cusick countsdown, and Tyra Murray and Tana Kelley talk couture. Only on, E23. Happy holidays […]

E23- Nov. 19, 2015

It’s time for the second to last live show of the Fall 2015 semester but do not shed your tears just yet as E23 brings you the best entertainment coverage Columbia, Missouri has to offer.

E23- Nov. 12, 2015

Korl Cusick and Morgan Partney host their way through E23’s crazy happenings, even if Korl struggles with executive producer Lauren Magarino’s last name every once in awhile. Lauren goes on despite this to deliver you headlines in which its overall description can be encompassed by John Mayer lyrics, “things come and go and they are […]

Why Being an Adult Sucks: Halloween Edition

Produced by Korl Cusick, E23 staff In a college town far far away lives a tiger named Korl who discovered that Halloween as an adult, sucks. For more online exclusives, check out our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching! Colleen Sloyan, E23 exec

E23- Oct. 29, 2015

E23 gets spooky with hosts Tana Kelley and Amos Chen. Amos tackles MU entertainment as the Mizzou offense as his costume (No costume? No offense.) Ian Nickens discusses the decades old vegetarian versus bacon lovers debacle and a FL country resident that’s gone over to the dark side. Tyra Murray pops over to McDavid for […]

E23- Oct. 22, 2015

E23 newbie hosts Africa Baker and Nora Thiemann weave MU students through this week’s crazy entertainment events. Headliner Arielle Cadet dives into the Lamar Odom update, gives you a few Hershey’s kisses (xoxo Gossip Girl), and discusses Drake’s turtle neck movement. A movement, E23 fashion correspondents hope MU leaves to alumni tigers. Lindsey Wilkerson wandered […]

E23- Oct. 15, 2015

This Thursday E23 hosts McKenzie Jester and Sana Moore took you through the entertainment happenings of the week. Ian Nickens talks about “turning up” in politics and covers the homecoming. Morgan Partney talks homecoming house decorations and Africa Baker talks culture and couture in the Shack. Bailey Sims uncovers what Mizzou students say to pick […]

E23- Oct. 8, 2015

Check out episode 3 of E23 where hosts Kayla Johnson and David Colton take you through MU and Columbia’s entertainment events. Ambriehl Turrentine gives you some advice on fire safety and admits to her Fetty Wap obsession. While David wonders off the dog surfing competition, Amos Chen asks students about their favorite Halloween costumes. Colleen Sloyan […]

E23- Oct. 1, 2015

Hosts Nancy Coleman and Lindsey Wilkerson take you through this week’s entertainment. Danny Konstantinovic, the film guy, dissects Harry Potter terms, Sam Smith’s new music, Lizzie McGuire’s less than normal little brother and League of Legends. Africa Baker counts down the top nine things you miss from home. Featured events around campus and Columbia, Missouri […]

E23- Sept. 17, 2015

E23 walks you through New York Fashion week’s best and worst looks, happenings around campus and more!  

E23- April 30, 2015

Join us this week for another great episode of E23!

E23- April 23, 2015

Join us this week as Kate Fallon and Samantha Kummerer host E23. We have Colleen Sloyan giving us the lo-down on the Columbia Farmer’s Market, Danny Konstantinovic shows us the first HACK MU League of Legends Tournament, and Priyanka Khanna debuts the Claire McCaskill appearance for the It’s On Us summit. Not to mention Danny […]

E23- April 16, 2015

Join us this week as Victoria Lewis and Shaletta Norwood host E23. Priyanka Khanna host Coffee and Couture while she dishes on the hottest Coachella fashion, Lauren Magarino shows us some Spotify hidden gems in Spare the Skip, and Olivia Rivers hosts a great Countdown. All that and more on E23.

E23-April 10, 2015

Join us this week as Sana Moore and Victoria Lewis host E23. Packed with the best entertainment headlines, we also have Kate Fallon meeting with RHA president and discussing RHA’s goals for the year, Lindsey Fafoglia tells us about the absolute BEST places to eat in St. Louis, and Danny Konstantinovic gives us a very […]

E23- March 19th, 2015

Join us this week as Lauren Magarino and Danny Konstantinovic host E23 and bring us the best in national and local entertainment headlines. Kyreon Lee hosts Tiger Tear Up this week and sees how students would react if Mizzou were to change the school mascot to the Missouri state bird, the blue bird. Rachel Sirany […]

E23- March 5, 2015

  Kyreon Lee and Char’Nese Turner host this week’s E23 packed with the most exciting entertainment headlines, and Mizzou entertainment news. Shaletta Norwood sits down for Pillowtalk with the editor of a women’s empowerment magazine, Samantha Kummerer brings us a True and False festival countdown, Julia Nixon gives an interview with the band KONGOS at […]

E23- February 26, 2015

Join us again this week for another round of entertainment headlines, Countdown, Pillow Talk and more! Only E23!

E23- February 19, 2015

Join us this week as Mackenzie Huck and Colleen Sloyan host E23. Olivia Rivers introduces us to one of Mizzou’s DJs and his cool style, Breanna Lehane tells us about the best Starbucks splurges in “Countdown,” Priyanka Khanna hangs out with “Coffee and Couture,” and some great packages are introduced! Catch it only on E23.

E23- February 12, 2015

Join us this week as the beautiful Rachel Sirany and Shaletta Norwood anchor E23! Along with national and local entertainment headlines, watch Lauren Magarino and Danny Konstantinovic talk about the top 15 songs for Valentine’s Day, Sana Moore hosts a special guest during this week’s Pillow Talk, Ellie Swoboda tells you where to talk your […]

E23- February 5, 2015

Join us this week as our lovely hosts Lauren Magarino and Victoria Lewis walk us through Countdown, Tiger Tear-up and special events happening at Mizzou. Also, we introduce our newest segment- Coffee and Couture with Priyanka Khanna.

E23- December 11, 2014

E23- November 20, 2014

  All in entertainment, fashions, culture and more. E23.

E23- November 6, 2014

Check out all you need to know in the entertainment world. Only on E23.

E23- October 30, 2014

Check out our old-fashioned/ halloween edition of E23! Complete with an Oscar-de-la-Renta fashion show, entertainment headlines, and reporters covering the wonderful Mizzou  homecoming last week.

E23 October 23, 2014

Join us as we discuss the latest in entertainment headlines, meet with MU Improv Chase Newton, and flaunt the latest fall fashion. All you need to know about culture, food, music, movies and more…only on E23.

E23- October 16, 2014

All things Mizzou: music, movies, food, pop culture and more on E 23.

E23 October 9, 2014

Back again this week with new show hosts, a great countdown and amazing clips from your fellow Tigers.

E23- October 2, 2014

From celebrities, to music, to movies and more E23 has you covered.

E23- September 18, 2014

E23 brings you all things entertainment, from Hollywood to Mizzou.

E23- May 1, 2014

Maddie Ptacin and Haley Hughes host this week’s edition of E23. Priyanka Khanna goes over the latest headlines and Alex Mediavilla counts down tips on how guys can get the girl. E23 – May 1, 2014 (Part 3) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- April, 24, 2014

      Rachel Sirany and Alfie Cox host this week’s edition of E23.

E23 – April 10, 2014

E23 – April 10, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23- April 10, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23 – March 20, 2014

E23 – March 20, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – March 20, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – March 20, 2014 (Part 3) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23 -March 10, 2014

E23 – Marc 10, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – March 10, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – March 10, 2014 (Part 3) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- February 21, 2014

E23 – February 21, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 21, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 21, 2014 (Part 3) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23- February 13, 2014

E23 – February 13, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 13, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 13, 2014 (Part 3) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 13, 2014 (Part 4) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23 – February 6, 2014

E23 – February 6, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 6, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 6, 2014 (Part 3) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – February 6, 2014 (Part 4) from MUTV on Vimeo.

E23 – January 30, 2014

E23 – January 30, 2014 (Part 1) from MUTV on Vimeo. E23 – January 30, 2014 (Part 2) from MUTV on Vimeo.

The Prowl- Nov. 21

  Join The Prowl for the last live show of the semester! Maddie Ptacin and Haley Hughes host as we discuss flirty texting, home cooked meals and Black Friday shopping!

The Prowl- Nov. 14

The Prowl (Part 1) – November 14, 2013 from MUTV on Vimeo. The Prowl (Part 2) – November 14, 2013 from MUTV on Vimeo. The Prowl (Part 3) – November 14, 2013 from MUTV on Vimeo. The Prowl (Part 4) – November 14, 2013 from MUTV on Vimeo.

The Prowl- Nov. 7

The Prowl (Part 3) – November 7, 2013 from MUTV on Vimeo. This week on The Prowl we talk with Battle of the Bands contenders, discuss the most underrated rock albums and share our opinions on politicians going on late night television.

The Prowl- Oct. 31

This week on The Prowl we embrace Halloween! We reveal the top 6 horror films for the season and discuss scandalous Halloween costumes.

The Prowl – Oct. 24

Maddie Ptacin and Haley Hughes host The Prowl’s first live show! In this edition Emily Peters talks with guests Brady Finn and Bita Eghalbi about the media’s target of overweight actors as comedic relief.

The Prowl – Oct. 18

This week Morgan Young and Samantha Kummerer introduce a new segment while our amazing staff gets an exclusive interview with Jon Spencer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The Prowl- Oct. 11

Kate Fallon and Hannah Saulic host this week’s The Prowl. We talk about the Citizen Jane film festival, the most viewed music videos on YouTube, and lecture hall etiquette.

The Prowl October 5, 2013

Maddie Ptacin and Alfie Cox host this week’s In Studio Special. We talk about the top ten highest paid teenage celebrities and introduce a new segment, Really Mizzou?

The Prowl- September 26

This week we talk about fashion and upcoming movies.

The Prowl- September 19, 2013

This week, The Prowl interviews Stephen Barker of Love and Theft, talks with KCOU, and goes over the top Emmy nominated shows of 2013.

The Prowl – September 10, 2013

For our first show of the year we interview Comedy Wars, check up on the latest Mizzou fall fashion trends, and recap the top 10 movies of the summer.

The Prowl: Episode 5

Amber Smith and Kaiya Brown host this week’s episode of The Prowl. Featured: Tiger Tear Up, Countdown and all the latest entertainment news.

The Prowl: Episode 4

Haley Hughes and Hannah Saulic host this week’s episode of The Prowl. Featured: Part 1: Coverage of the AWOLNATION concert and “Rocky Picture Horror Show.” Part 2: Tiger Tear Up: Panelists Eddie Duckworth and Charles Bania discuss the latest topics in entertainment news. Part 3: Countdown: Amber Smith countdowns the top 5 Disney Channel Original […]

Tiger Tear Up: Special Edition

Imani Cobbs, Maddie Ptacin and Abby Vega join host Catherine Wilkins to discuss the latest topics in entertainment. Topics featured: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler reunited, “Veronica Mars” movie donations and “Miam” breakup rumors .

The Prowl: Episode 1 Part 1

Hosts Joe Northern and Rebecca Gale give an update on upcoming entertainment events, plus footage from the Third Goal International Festival.

The Prowl: Episode 1 Part 2

Host Rebecca Gale is joined by panelists, Alex Mediavilla, Maddie Ptacin, and Haley Hughes, to discuss the most recent entertainment news on this week’s “Tiger Tear Up.”

The Prowl: Episode 1 Part 3

Morgan Young, a staff member of “The Prowl”, countdowns the top five celebrity breakups on this week’s “Countdown.”

The Prowl: Episode 1 Part 4

Joe Northern gives a rundown of the best Super Bowl commercials with special guest Tyler Greever.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 8

Aryn Stanley, Dany Lewis, and Colleen Menadier discuss the latest entertainment news. Hosted by Maddie Ptacin.

Countdown: Episode 7

Are you in the holiday spirit? Hassan Williams and Haley Hughes countdown the top ten holiday songs.

Countdown: Episode 6

Joe Northern and Tom Geoly countdown the top ten college movies of all time.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 7 (Special Executive Edition)

The Prowl executives Kevin Nepomuceno, Catherine Wilkins, and Rebecca Gale discuss the most recent topics in entertainment news. Hosted by Hassan Williams.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 6

Sara Pang, Hassan Williams, and Alex Mediavilla discuss the latest topics in entertainment news. Hosted by Morgan Young.

Countdown: Episode 5

Sydney Watkins and Maddie Ptacin countdown the top ten former child stars in Hollywood.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 5

Alex Mediavilla, Sydney Watkins, and Dylan Eike discuss the most recent entertainment news. Hosted by Joe Northern.

Countdown: Episode 4

Kaiya Brown and Morgan Young countdown the hottest guys in Hollywood.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 4

Noelle Gross, Asha Bashir, and Kaiya Brown discuss the latest gossip in entertainment news. Hosted by Morgan Young.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 3

Joe Northern, Colleen Menadier, and Sydney Watkins discuss the latest celebrity gossip. Hosted by Christa Corrigan.

Countdown: Episode 3

Tom Geoly and Haley Hughes countdown the top celebrity couples in Hollywood.

Countdown: Episode 2

Jordyn Sammis and Morgan Young countdown the hottest female celebrities.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 2

Alex Mediavilla, Tom Geoly, and Colleen Menadier discuss the latest celebrity gossip. Hosted by Joe Northern.

Countdown: Episode 1

Dylan Eike and Erin Taylor countdown the top 10 songs of summer 2012.

Tiger Tear Up: Episode 1

The panelists discuss the new and improved X-factor, Nick Lachey’s baby news, and other entertainment news on the first episode of Tiger Tear Up.

Tiger Tear Up

Kevin Nepomuceno and gossip panelists discuss the latest Hollywood and entertainment news.

Tiger Tear Up: Nov. 9

On Tiger Tear Up, host Lindsay Taylor sits down with this week’s gossip panel to discuss Kim K’s divorce and the Justin Bieber baby scandal. Keep watching for an exclusive interview with MIZZOU’s campus talent for this week, Souls of Liberty! Video: Groovy Bounce.

Tiger Tear Up: Oct. 19

Host Lindsay Taylor and panelists Andi Kaufman, Hannah Knight and Catherine Wilkins discuss this week’s celebrity gossip. On the agenda was the Ashton/Demi split, Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie due out in 2012 and Kristen Stewart as the new Snow White.