Video Highlights

By Davis McCondichie

Broadway Blues rehearsed for Roots N Blues N BBQ on Sunday Sept. 25, 2016. The band has a variety of sounds ranging from gospel to grassroots blues.

By Davis McCondichie

Talking Drums performed renditions of “Whats Going On?” by Marvin Gaye and “Imagine” by John Lennon at Memorial Union for MOVE Magazine. The band highlights what diverse talents can do when they come together.

By Adrianna Talavera

E23’s Adrianna Talavera brings you a fresh new look for fall!

Summer means it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. Here at E23 we have all the hottest looks to keep you looking cool for the summer.

By Sam Maxfield and Olivia Jacobson

SoMo came to CoMo, and E23 sat down with him for more.

By Africa Baker and Janae McGee

Local drag show performer Shawn James gives E23’s Janae McGee a drag makeup tutorial as he transforms into Veronika Versace. You can also watch an exclusive interview with Shawn on our show here!

By Olivia Rivers and Arielle Cadet

Spring has come and E23 has the latest fashion tips for you!

E23’s Arielle Cadet sat down with acclaimed filmmaker and Murray Center for Documentary Journalism professor Robert Greene. They discussed the making of “Kate Plays Christine,” one of the film festival’s most popular films.

By Danielle Katz

The March March parade kicked off the start of March and the second evening of the film festival. People of all ages participated in or witnessed this spectacle. Here are the parade’s highlights.

By Haley Broughton

Lola Van Ella of Van Ella studios- based in St. Louis- produced and performed in a burlesque show at the Blue Note. Van Ella added a masquerade ball theme to the performance.

By Olivia Rivers, Sara Nelson and Sana Moore

E23 reporters got an exclusive interview with Hoodie Allen before he performed at the Blue Note. He had a lot to say about his music and his journey to fame.

By Nnamdi Egwuonwu and Davis McCondichie

Mizzou Idol attendees were treated to a striking abundance of talented singers. Jesse Auditorium became the venue for MU students to show off their range of music talents. Mizzou Idol 2016 surpassed audience expectations and led to an entertaining Saturday night for all those who went.

By Haley Broughton

Local indie rock-folk band Violet and the Undercurrents recently played at Rose Music Hall, a venue defined by the genuine artists who play there. The band’s latest album, “WAVES,” was released in 2014, and according to lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Violet Vonder Haar, the album was a huge turning point for the band.