Political Prowl – 3/4

By Ava Delsemme, GMM Reporter   Here’s some hot political headlines from this week to warm you up in the midst of this dreary winter weather! Beginning with a story in St. Louis, a surveillance video sparked media attention this past week revealing a daycare worker throwing a child against a cabinet. Reports claim that […]

Five Day Weather Forecast

This week’s forecast includes the chance for rain and snow. Chance Gotsch has more on what to expect.   (more…)

This Week’s Weather – 2/17

By Maddie Eat, GMM Reporter Hey Tigers! This week you’re going to want your umbrellas. We may see some snow/rain on Tuesday with more rain Friday and Saturday. Don’t get too blue though as it seems the groundhog may have been right! Each day this week we’ll be getting warmer, so go enjoy the good […]

This Week’s Weather – 2/3

By Maddie Est, GMM Reporter Hey Tigers! Break out those rain boots for the beginning of this week as we’ll be getting rain through Thursday. I hope you all enjoyed the warmer weather this past weekend because by the end of this week we will have returned to more normal temperatures for February. Don’t get […]

Movie Review – The Hate U Give

Movie Review – The Hate U Give

By Zairai Moore, GMM Reporter Highly recommended movie to watch and book to read. Directed by George Tillman Jr. and based on the novel by Angie Thomas. This movie is fictional but is very relatable and touches on problems that we see today. Starr Carter is the main character. She is a teenager that is […]

This Week’s Weather – 10/23

By Maddie Est, GMM Reporter Hey Tigers, this week we’re going to see some nice cool temperatures so break out those fall sweaters and sweats! We should see plenty of sun in the beginning of the week, but heading into the weekend there is a chance for some clouds and rain. Get out, enjoy Fall […]

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

By Zairai Moore, GMM Reporter Hey Tigers! As the days begin to get shorter, the cool breeze starts to peek through the sun and jeans and sweaters start to make their way around campus and the mall, we realize that sun dress and short season is coming to an end. It is time to dust […]

Poetry in Bengal Lair

By Becca Pasteris, GMM Executive Reporter If students walked into Memorial Thursday night thinking they were going to study, they were in for a big surprise. Poetry in the Park, which was moved to Memorial because of the weather, was brought together by the Black Programming Committee and Indie Poets. The theme was love and […]

This Week’s Weather 10/8

By Maddie Est, GMM Reporter Hey Tigers! This week you’re going to want to break out your rain jackets and umbrellas. Our highs will be in the 60s with partly cloudy skies throughout the week and we will be seeing much cooler days than we have been getting these past few weeks. There are some […]

Five Midterm Study Survival Tips

By Alaina Vacante, GMM Reporter It’s that time of year again — Midterm season. You may be stuck in a mid-semester slump but now is when you can turn things around. Here are some tips and tricks to acing that exam! Number one: Find a quiet place. Make sure you feel comfortable and are willing […]

Red Packets and Firecrackers – What is Chinese New Year?

By Rashi Shrivastava, GMM Reporter Symbolic of good fortune and new beginnings, Chinese New Year celebrations have just begun. This year, 2018, which is the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac, the Chinese New Year will be falling on 16th of February. The Asian American Association hosted a celebration at Stotler Lounge […]

Five Songs to Start your Day Right

By Alexis Clemons, GMM Reporter Happy 2018! A new year is finally upon us, which means a new semester and schedule to adjust to. After a month of doing nothing, it may seem hard to get back into the grind of waking up for an 8:00am or going to exercise at the rec. So, when […]

Mocktails and Me Time

By Alaina Vacante, GMM reporter When faced with the task of trying to balance the never-ending list of things to do sometimes it’s best take a break — which is exactly what I did this past week on the Friday afternoon of January 26, at the latest Mocktails and a Masterpiece. This event, put on […]