By Sara Nelson, E23 Reporter

On Jan. 29 at midnight, the iconic artist released her latest album, “This Is Acting,” an album based off an interesting concept. She initially wrote the songs featured on the album for other artists to record. She performed each denied song to sound like the artist intended to sing it. Sia has previously written many hits for other artists, including Maroon 5, Flo Rida and Beyoncé.

The overall sound of the album ends up being empowering and strong. It could be viewed as a rejection pile of music, but instead it shines through the darkness. “Alive,” the single from the album, shares a beautiful message- that it does not matter where you come from, you just need to look up and remember you are alive and breathing. The song starts off with a soft piano, much like an Adele tune, and then it opens up to the first line, “I was born in a thunderstorm.” It gradually builds to the chorus, “I’m still breathin’. I’m alive.” “Alive” is a powerful song to belt out by yourself or out in public. Adele recorded the song but ultimately decided to not keep it on her “25”.

“Move Your Body” has a beat that sounds like something only Beyoncé would use. The beat is fun and sounds similar to “Run The World (Girls).” In the middle of the chorus, there is an “oh oh oh,” that sounds like the same “oh oh oh,” in Beyoncé’s hit.

“Reaper,” which was produced by Kanye West, and “Cheap Thrills” were written for Rihanna. “House On Fire” has a minimalistic sound with just the beat and a few vibrant sounds throughout the song. In the chorus, the song focuses more on Sia’s hauntingly beautiful voice.

Even though “This Is Acting” is an album of rejected songs, Sia really turned it around and created a masterpiece of music with many different tones and styles. “This Is Acting” is a beautiful album where Sia plays the parts of the artists who rejected her music, and she does a fantastic job.